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'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface'


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[2/5]: Angel Miranda, 10/26/2019
Couldn’t get it to work
[2/5]: Angel Miranda, 07/25/2019
cant seem to get it to work. I cut the j12 on the ecu. and still cant get it work with windows 10
[3/5]: Angel Miranda, 03/22/2019
having a hard time try to get it to work. pretty sure I can figure it out Response: the HULOG / CROME can be a really tricky combination to make work as the ECU hardware, ECU software/chip and CROME settings must all match up in addition to the usual drivers. Feel free to contact us with issues.
[5/5]: Aj Tainatongo, 10/26/2018
nice been wanted it and finally got it
[5/5]: Karsam Aereo Antonio Casco Antonio Casco, 05/04/2018
Excellent! great fully item! Thanks for that!
[5/5]: Alex Cordner, 03/09/2018
Moates always comes through for me when I need something 5 star service.
[5/5]: Dylan Raguseo, 06/19/2016
Great logger for a even better price
[5/5]: Sugeila Berrios, 11/03/2014
Excellent product, works fine.
[5/5]: Joyman Freitas, 09/24/2014
[5/5]: Chad Colburn, 09/03/2013
works great and easy to use.
[5/5]: Hector Rodriguez, 06/21/2013
very good product very fast accurate dattalogin
[5/5]: Stephen Torres, 05/25/2013
fast shipping and very good quality products.. thanks...!!!
[5/5]: Sam Choy, 02/09/2013
works well ez to use with free log
[3/5]: Hector L. Cardona Perez, 10/08/2011
[5/5]: Che Ahmad Majdi Mohammad, 07/15/2011
Great, it work perfect and worth buying from
[5/5]: Murat Gezen, 05/15/2009
Excellent Communication Fast Cargo, you can see in the picture is not as big as an excellent product
[5/5]: Justin Dorsa, 03/20/2007
Excellent product - the only modification to I made was putting packaging material inside the case to prevent the board from bouncing around so much.
[5/5]: Kippie Wagner, 01/30/2006
great product and very fast shipping.easy to use.thanks
[4/5]: Russell218 Slatten, 09/20/2005
Definitely an upgrade from the Nokia hack. But two things annoyed me: first, one of the pins in the solder clip broke free and kept backing out when I tried to solder it to the CN bank. Second: while the retractable USB cord is neat and compact, it's really just too short to stretch from the ECU to my laptop.
[5/5]: James L Coching, 07/06/2005
Awesome product, very easy to install and works great!!
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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