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[Model: SL1]      In Stock: Yes

Designed initially to add a few channels of information to some of our other devices, the SuperLogger was forged in the very crucible of Feature Creep Island.

This device can be used for a wide variety of applications. It has the following features and capabilities:

- UARTs (2x) for moderated communication up to 921.6k.
- Both master (PC/USB/TTL/etc) and slave (QH/TTL/etc). Passthrough communication via SW/FW or with HW option switch.
- Public control protocols for setup packets, inter-byte latency, variable baud rates, adjustable data frame rates, etc.
- Can be used as standalone 'black-box' logger in the absence of a slave UART device.
- Analog inputs (8x, 0-5v), 1/3 gain option switch on Ch0-Ch1 for 0-15v ranges.
- Thermofuse-protected reference voltages available (3.3v, 5v) via 6-30v supply.
- Accelerometer: 14-bit 3-axis, optimized for 50 Hz acquisition.
- Onboard storage: 32Mbit of data with compression and a variety of logging controls.
- Realtime clock: Battery-backed with .01s resolution for date/time stamping of data packets.
- Frequency input: 1x for digestion of RPM, driveshaft/wheel speed, etc.
- PWM outputs: 2x channels with adjustable frequency and duty cycle, programmable response pattern.
- Form factor: similar to Ostrich with detachable screw terminal block for compact portability.
- Directly compatible with Bluetooth modules: can be fully isolated from both UARTs via paired sets.
- Fully supported via TunerPro RT. Additional support with BE and TunerView for select applications.
- Daisychain support via slave protocols for more data via additional SL units.
- Advanced logic options for auto-adjusting attached emulator contents vs select input conditions.
- Auxiliary TWI/I2C port for interfacing with additional devices (DAC, extra ADC, GPS).
- Future expansion possible via uSD, auxiliary modules, etc.

Supported applications so far include the following:
- Standalone/blackbox operation with TunerProRT.
- GUFB, CBAZA via QH with TunerProRT, Binary Editor, and TunerView.
- Various GMOBD1 via ALDL-Link or APU1 and TunerProRT.

Coming soon:
- Honda with Demon or HULOG on CN2 via Neptune and TunerView.
- SR20 with Nemu via Nismotronic.
- Various additional EEC-IV/V via QH.
- Evolving protocols and designs based on feedback.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 December, 2015.

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