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Tuning Solutions for the Modern Gearhead

Tuning Software used with Moates hardware:

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 "Neptune/Demon RTP Hardware/Software Combo"  "Neptune/Demon RTP Hardware/Software Combo"
 Included in this comprehensive kit is one Demon unit and a software license for the NepTune tuning software. Arguably the best solution out there for an enthusiast looking to tune their own car. 
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 Binary Editor  Binary Editor
Binary Editor is a flexible tool for tuning Ford ECMs.  Using the Moates Quarterhorse product sold separately, all tuning parameters such as the MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) curve can be changed on the fly while the car is running. It is no longer required to turn the car off and then download a new tune - simply make the desired change and press the update button. (NOTE: It is NOT safe to make changes while driving - please make sure to have someone else drive while you are tuning.)  Any tune developed with real-time tuning can be programmed to a F3 chip using the BURN2+FA or Jaybird programmers.  BE can also display and log live data using either the TwEECer and or Moates Quarterhorse hardware.  Using this logged data, BE can estimate quarter mile times based off the vehicle speed sensor. (The accuracy of the quarter mile times will depend on the accuracy of the vehicle speedometer and how fast the logging rate is.)  BE also has reflash capability using compatible J2534 hardware sold separately. (Note: This requires a Dongle)

BE uses definition files to define the structure of various ECMs  All parameters available for editing, display or data logging are configured in the definition files.  Each strategy ("Operating System") supported by BE will have its own unique definition file.  Some of its definition files (A9L / GUFB, for example) are open source and are saved in Excel. The Excel format makes editing the definitions very user friendly, allowing you to change things like the number of decimal places parameters will use when displayed or logged.  Other definitions are stored in an encrypyted .CRY format.  For these definitions, you will need to contact their author for additional licensing beyond the initial software purchase price.  There is also a definition template that can be downloaded for those that would like create their own definition file. The Binary Editor can also display differences between tunes.  You should look at the download page to see what definitions are supported (or contact ) prior to purchasing this software.  Core Tuning also sells Premium Definitions if free defs aren't available. (Note: Core definitions require a Dongle.)

Binary Editor is licensed in two ways.  It can to a single PC and will not be re-licensed to a different machine in the future without an additional charge.  To register BE for a single PC, read the registration instructions in the Additional Links section above, and submit the needed registration request information in the comments section of your order. If you are unable to generate this information when placing the order, then please send us an email with the required registration info. Licenses are typically issued within 24-72 hours of receiving your information.  If you would like the ability to use BE on more than one PC, purchase the dongle option.

The Dongle add-on ($71 extra) is a USB hardware security module allowing you to use Binary Editor software on as many PCs as you like, as long as you have the dongle connected while using it.  If you purchase the Dongle-enabled version of BE, you will NOT need to perform any registration tasks - you will be ready to go the moment you receive your package.  The Dongle version is also required to use some of the more advanced features such as J2534 flashing along with giving you access to premium definitions.

EEC Analyzer ($55 extra) is a standalone program to help you analyze and sort through the data obtained by Binary Editor while connected to a vehicle logging.  Although not strictly required, EEC analyzer helps make sense of the often overwhelming amount of data the software can gather.  You could perform almost all of its functions in Excel or another statistical analysis program if you knew how to set it up.  EEC Analyzer provides a core set of log analysis tools for those who aren't comfortable doing this kind of data analysis on their own.

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 Demon Ostrich Reset Utility  Demon Ostrich Reset Utility
 This is used for resetting the status and vendor ID of your Demon or Ostrich. Useful if you'd like to configure your unit to change software types such as Neptune, eCtune, Crome, and TunerPro. 
 ECM852 Serial DOS-Based ALDL Software  ECM852 Serial DOS-Based ALDL Software
 This is the DOS-based software for GM TPI and 93 LT1 which I wrote. A bit dated, but open-sourced and fun for you old QBasic / DOS nerds. 
 EEC Editor Software from Paul Booth  EEC Editor Software from Paul Booth
 Software for Ford vehicles only! This is the new Paul Booth EEC Editor software. Supports ALL Moates Ford hardware. Cost is based on year/model vehicle selection. 
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 F8 Destiny Utility  F8 Destiny Utility
 This free, downloadable program will allow you to effectively manage the content of your F8/Destiny combo from your laptop. Calibration information is displayed in an easy-to-manage format. For use with non-encrypted files. 
 Flash & Burn Program for BURN1/2/Jaybird+APU1  Flash & Burn Program for BURN1/2/Jaybird+APU1
 This program is used to control the chip reading / erasing / writing duties of the Burn1, Burn2, Jaybird and APU1 devices. With it, you can read and write chips. Free of charge. 
 TunerPro RT V5  TunerPro RT V5
 TunerPro RT v5 covers all of the capabilities of the V4 software, as well as many new features including support for the Quarterhorse with Ford A9L and T4M0 datalogging. Advanced ADX configuration and plug-in support opens new doors for communications flexibility. This highly configurable software supports MANY vehicles including GMOBD1, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Porsche, and others. 
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 USB Driver  USB Driver
 To download and install the USB drivers needed to use our USB-based products, please click on this link for more information. 
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