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Socket Booster 1.0


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[4/5]: David Hand, 10/05/2021
While I was able to emulate with this on a 1227747, when I was removing this from a D2 socket two of the gold pins on the socket booster snapped with very little effort. You can barely bend these pins! I ended up purchasing a new socket booster assembly instead of trying to repair the broken pins. Be careful!
[2/5]: Seth Spoelman, 06/27/2013
While I know this product is a necessary prerequisite in some applications, it will screw up many others. Don\'t use it unless you are SURE you need it--I have a rare car so I am kind of flying blind anyway, but I found this caused problems rather than solving them for me. Also, read the fine print--you can\'t use address tracing in Tunerpro RT while using a socketbooster. That kind of defeats the purpose of the emulator. Response: Trace is still a finicky feature and is not designed to replace communication-based datalogging but this product was revised to allow the necessary signalling for trace to come through to the Ostrich, solving this particular issue.
[5/5]: Chris Rook, 04/27/2008
It seems like most people with a '7747, I was having connectivity problems, while emulating Installed the Socket Booster 1.0, and solid connection, no more interuptions, just a solid connection between the Ostrich 2.0 and the '7747 ECM that I am using. I recommend the Socket Booster 1.0, if you have a '7747 ECM, and are getting an Ostrich 2.0, don't hesitate, you'll pull your hair out trying to figure out why it won't connect, or loses connection randomly, save your hair and get it now.
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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