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S4 Aries 28-pin Low-Profile ZIF


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[3/5]: Sergio Capurso, 02/22/2014
After some weeks, the contacts go bad, mechanically not well engineered, the retention of the sliding are not strong enough. Response: valid criticism. This socket is intended for light use in tight quarters. If you want a ZIF socket that is more durable, look at the larger ZIF sockets we sell.
[5/5]: Tony Gutierrez, 04/19/2010
awesome!!! works great easy in and out !!!!!! the s2 is more durable but this one is a better fit......
[5/5]: Luis Cotto, 09/17/2009
I have this Installed on my "DSM" Eclipse ECU, So far it is working great. Easy to swap my Eprom out and put in a new one. I believe this is even what DSMLink Recommended and use on there site. I am looking to get the S2 but i am not sure it will fit in my ECU. So far I would have to say this rocks my socks off. and for $7 you cant get any better.
[2/5]: Sam White, 11/19/2007
Worked great until I forced the romulator into the socket, now I have contact issues and check light. Unless i push down hard on the ZIF then it works, soon as I take finger off it gives contact errors.
[4/5]: Chad Eickhoff, 05/24/2005
I have had a couple of these and they aren't all that durable. Have experienced some contact issues after about 20 uses. If you are putting this in a high vibration environment like off road or rock crawling then I would get the S2 Aries ZIF but otherwise for real time street tuners this socket should be OK and it is low profile enough to fit your cover back on which is a nice bonus.
[5/5]: Matthew Todhunter, 04/19/2005
This low profile ZIF works great in the Honda OBD-1 ECU's. When stacked on top of one DIP socket (soldered to the PCB) the ZIF clears the baro sensor and will allow you to still close the lid on the ECU without cutting a hole in it. No more broken/bent leads on my ROMs!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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