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Roadrunner-Install: PCM Conversion Service

[Model: RR_INSTALL]      In Stock: Yes

If you want to use your own PCM and are getting the Roadrunner Guts Kit but aren't comfortable desoldering and installing SMD PSOP components, then this is for you. If you want to send us your (good and tested please! We will NOT test your ECM prior to install!) PCM, we will remove the flash chip, install the emulation header, and clean everything up. We'll then drill the case, install appropriate internal standoffs, and install the Roadrunner. Then we'll put it all back together and make sure everything looks good. All this sweat equity for a bargain price! If you order this item as part of your cart contents, we'll hold your order pending receipt of your PCM. Might want to consider paying with Cashier's Check / Money Order since you'll be sending the PCM anyways.

Note: expected turnaround for installs is 5-10 BUSINESS days after we receive your ECM plus return shipping time! Expedited service and shipping are not available. Expect a wait.

OFF ROAD USE NOTICE: items sold through including tuning products may be designed for off-road/race use only, and are not applicable for vehicles in states that require pollution controlled vehicles. California (CARB) & other states prohibit the sale or use of some aftermarket parts, including those that tamper with, modify or defeat emissions systems in any 1966 and newer vehicles. Moates prohibits the use of these products on emission controlled vehicles. These parts are sold for OFF ROAD, RACE-ONLY, ground-vehicle use only in a controlled environment.
Moates does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads. Customers are solely responsible for ensuring all products purchased are used in a legal manner.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 May, 2006.

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