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The Roadrunner 16-Bit Emulator is currently unavailable.
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 Byteswap Board for PSOP44  Byteswap Board for PSOP44
 This board can be placed between something like a Bosch ECU and a Roadrunner emulator. That way, the byte swapping which is required for effective binary manipulation for those applications is all handled at the hardware interface level. Additionally, the board repositions things so that the emulator can more easily be fitted to several families of ECU. 
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 RoadRunner Extension Cables: EMUC44PSOP  RoadRunner Extension Cables: EMUC44PSOP
 This is a pair of cables (two required due to polarity!) which allow you to connect the Roadrunner remotely from the ECU. It essentially provides an extension from the emulator board to the PSOP44 header (both available separately). We have 2", 4", and 6". So, you can have lengths of 2+2=4 up to 6+6=12. The shorter is better for low latency and interference potential. Available total length is 4",6",8",10",12". Let us know what you want in the comments section of your order! 
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 RoadRunner LS1 Realtime Emulation PCM  RoadRunner LS1 Realtime Emulation PCM
 This is the 512k 12200411 PCM-based RoadRunner, which is a replacement PCM that allows realtime tuning for the LS1 PCMs. It works with the 1999-2002 F-Body LS1 setups as well as many of the 2000+ V8 trucks. 
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 Roadrunner-DIY: "Guts" Kit  Roadrunner-DIY: "Guts" Kit
 This is JUST the Roadrunner 16-Bit Emulator, installation header, internal standoffs, and USB cable. If you're dead-set on installing it in your own PCM, then this is what you want. Weatherproofing not included. 
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 Roadrunner-DIY: Solder-on Extra Emulation Header  Roadrunner-DIY: Solder-on Extra Emulation Header
 This is an extra solder-on header which goes in place of your PSOP44 flash chip that is removed during the Roadrunner self-install process. 
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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 

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