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Memory Emulators

This is where you can find the realtime emulators we offer. These devices allow you to tune in realtime while the engine is running.
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 'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version  'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version
 Does everything in one package, one USB-based device! USB-powered, so no power supply needed. Chip burning/reading, datalogging, and realtime emulation. Performs ALDL communications at 160/8192 baud, programs AT29C256 and 27SF512 chips. Has 3-channel 0-5v 10-bit A/D provision fpr wideband and other datalogging. Includes AutoProm device, 28-pin 18-inch emulation cable, OBD1-style ALDL cable CABL1, 6-ft USB cable, 2x 27SF512 chip, and Mark Mansur's TunerPro RT5 software license. PLEASE READ through product documentation to understand some of the features of this all-in-one, datalogging, realtime emulation tuning, and chip burning hardware. This item is for OBD1 GM vehicles ONLY.  It is not for Hondas, Nissans, Fords, BMWs or other cars.  If you are not sure whether this unit is the right choice for you, please email support prior to purchase. 
 $329.00  Buy Now 
 'Demon2'  'Demon2'
 The Demon 2 is the latest in our line of Honda/Acura-friendly technology. Flawless realtime emulation, embedded datalogging without a laptop, auxiliary inputs. This device is intended to be permanently installed in USDM ECUs. Gives all the power of the Ostrich, Hulog, RTP, and other products into one, and more. Full native compatibility with Crome, Neptune, eCTune, TunerPro, and others. USDM/EDM large case ECUs only! DOES NOT FIT JDM/small case ECUs! 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed'  'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed'
 The newest breed of emulator has evolved! This is the newest Ostrich, the 2.0 unit. It is extremely small and compact, durable, versatile, and powerful. Full 921.6k speed, from 4k (2732A) up to 512k (4mbit 29F040) and everything in between (27C128, 27C256, 27C512). 
 $175.00  Buy Now 
 'QuarterHorse' for Fords  'QuarterHorse' for Fords
 For a price of $249, the QuarterHorse delivers in unparalleled fashion. It gives you absolute, bumpless, 100% realtime tuning AND realtime datalogging for all EEC-IV and EEC-V through 2004. It also lets you read stock EEC boxes to establish a starter tune. The QH plugs into the J3 port like a chip, but its capabilities are stunning. You can change ANY parameter while the vehicle is running without disturbing operation. You can log ANY parameter in RAM from the EEC-IV and V at sample rates well over 1,000 frames per second through the same mini USB cable (no OBD cable needed). All necessary cabling is included, but software is needed separately. 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 Hardware from Nemu package  Hardware from Nemu package
 16-bit Nissan emulation board. 
 $275.00  Buy Now 
 RoadRunner LS1 Realtime Emulation PCM  RoadRunner LS1 Realtime Emulation PCM
 This is the 512k 12200411 PCM-based RoadRunner, which is a replacement PCM that allows realtime tuning for the LS1 PCMs. It works with the 1999-2002 F-Body LS1 setups as well as many of the 2000+ V8 trucks. 
 $599.00  Buy Now 
 Roadrunner-DIY: "Guts" Kit  Roadrunner-DIY: "Guts" Kit
 This is JUST the Roadrunner 16-Bit Emulator, installation header, internal standoffs, and USB cable. If you're dead-set on installing it in your own PCM, then this is what you want. Weatherproofing not included. 
 $489.00  Buy Now 
 Roadrunner-DIY: Solder-on Extra Emulation Header  Roadrunner-DIY: Solder-on Extra Emulation Header
 This is an extra solder-on header which goes in place of your PSOP44 flash chip that is removed during the Roadrunner self-install process. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

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