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'QuarterHorse' for Fords


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[5/5]: Matthew Harrison, 02/23/2021
These things are amazing for tuning eec-iv mustangs. Great amount of control for street car applications.
[5/5]: Greg Judge, 09/26/2020
QuarterHorse saved my sanity, first it tuned my 306 highly mod motor so it ran better then it ever did and on a road race corse I finally blew up my motor duel to a rod failure. Rebuilt a 347 stroker to the max with big injectors and maf and with QuarterHorse we got it running perfectly. without Quarter horse i would of had to rebuild the same 306 so I already had the tune.
[5/5]: Jonathan Sedlar, 07/15/2017
Great product and a great company. Like others I have had my QuarterHorse for years and the built in battery died. I did a RMA on the part, paid for shipping back to Moates. In a short time I received a NEW version of the quarterhorse! It has a serviceable battery now and a charging circuit to better maintain the battery. Moates is great! the QuarterHorse is Great!
[5/5]: Scott Christensen, 11/09/2016
Opens up a whole new world to car enthusiasts -Great!
[5/5]: Manu Singh, 10/05/2016
This is an excellent product, although as someone has already mentioned that the onboard battery for persistent memory is less than ideal. However, the product is also half the price of its competitor (the Tweecer RT), and handily outperforms. Can't wait to see the updated board which supposedly eliminates the battery. A reasonable solution in any case is to use the Jaybird to program an F3 chip once you've got your final tune setup.
[3/5]: Randy Mcnamee, 08/21/2016
This was a hard one. Took 2 days to tune it up lasted 2 years then battery in chip died lost all memory had to add a new battery now lets see how that lasts. Bad idea with the battery a flash would of been a way better idea and last longer for the price cuz this is so inconvenience to reload all the old data. Would never buy it again flash is the best way to go. It still works good.
[5/5]: Greg Judge, 07/06/2016
Had a friend help me install and tune my modified Mustang 1987 Mass Air, AFR heads, high compression, intake plus more. We used QuarterHorse with tunes for track and day to day driving. My car with QuarterHorse has never ran this good EVER. Best product I have ever bought for my car.
[5/5]: Chad Johnson, 06/05/2016
This is by far the best way to tune EEC-IV or EEC-V. I use these in anything from stock engines to E85 drinking 700+hp blown or turbo applications in our early Aussie Falcons. I haven't found the limit to them yet! If only there were some way for you guys to store the tunes without having to rely on the battery.
[5/5]: Sammy Cuaderno Jr, 09/23/2015
Hdy lindsay. Did you try to buy the QH with a gift card registered to paypal? If so, PAYPAL WONT ALLOW IT. They simply blocked that card. If you are using a VISA GIFT CARD register the card as a NORMAL CREDIT CARD transaction. Don't pay with PayPal with the Giftcard. I'f this isnt the case then you must Call PAYPAL customer service and they will get your issue squared away. I went through what you are/was going through but my issue was resolved =)
[2/5]: Lindsay Cargill, 07/06/2015
Well I would like to review it but For some unspecified reason , paypal or moates or someone, the order did not process and here we are 2/two YEARS later, I am reviewing my old emails and find one from you guys telling me I need to go back for "further processing of my order" (or words to that effect) with two links that take me to moates checkout /review order page; thats what I call it anyway. Neither of the links take me to a moates page that can explain what needs to be done or allow progress of my order. Maybe I need to do something in paypal but what? theres been no usual paypal page that says "do you wish to pay so - and - so $XX.XX" Call me stupid if you must but it needs to be spelled out - in detail. Thanks for your time, Lindsay.
[5/5]: Wayne Mercure, 03/24/2014
im new at this but I like having the options of doing my own tune
[3/5]: Craig Danks, 11/10/2013
Been a great unit,however backup battery died bit over year from purchase recently,still waiting on response as to what can be done to rectify,Cheers,Craig Response: we offer battery replacement on units with a fixed battery as part of standard warranty service.
[5/5]: Tim Bartosh, 06/01/2013
This unit is great, but I also got the adjustable switch too. I did the install myself and it was straight forward, but I also got the LC-1 and wired it through the ECU, so some soldering was required. Then after much figuring with the software I got my 88 Mustang GT to get 30 mpg!!! No joke!!! It ran so much better when I adjusted the MAF curve for a larger MAF Sensor. Using Binary Editor and EECAnalyzer, which I highly recommend. Go to for help, as they have tons of information. The coin battery died but I am sending it back for free repair and upgrade. Thanks Moates!
[5/5]: Michael Ponthieux, 05/21/2013
by far the most capable tuning device for the the ford eec4 and eec5 ecu's, highly recommend!!!
[5/5]: Nathan Pittman, 05/11/2013
the best thing for rt tuning
[5/5]: Richard Barnish, 03/11/2013
Installed very easy in my 1996 Mustang GT EEC-V unit. Shipped fast. Support is great.
[5/5]: Willie Lynch, 03/18/2012
Best tuning device for Ford EEC IV and EEC V on the market
[5/5]: Kevin Bernal, 03/05/2012
Amazing capabilities! Easy install! Fits perfectly in any 94/95 EEC without any modifications to the case or "moving" of components to fit.
[5/5]: Jamey Delp, 02/05/2012
Excellent tuning device, would recommend it to anyone with tuning experience.
[5/5]: Willie Lynch, 01/03/2012
Greatest tuning device for Ford EEC-IV and EEC-V systems ever made
[5/5]: Nathan Pittman, 11/14/2011
i haven bought it yet
Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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