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'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed' (discontinued)

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[5/5]: Rf Performance, 08/23/2021
hi i need help for instalation please
[5/5]: Anthony Gardner, 03/13/2021
down right cool as hell and well worth the money,flawless interface
[5/5]: Artur Malecki, 02/02/2021
Works very well with old Bosch and Honda ECUs. Thanks.
[5/5]: John Hopper, 07/14/2020
We bought this device to enable us to program some legacy Z80 single board computers we still have in use. Worked first try and allows us to change code and test in moments what used to take an hour.
[5/5]: Baret Thierry, 05/02/2020
Perfect tools . Thanck's to France
[5/5]: Fauzi Ramdzan, 11/08/2019
it is a great hardware to tune Honda engine and very compatible
[5/5]: Jeff Johnson, 08/08/2019
I've been using mine for over a decade on a daily driver. It's worked flawlessly so long as I don't let the car battery die. I'd recommend tuning with this, then flash to a chip when you are done - just because of the battery issue. That being said, I'm just now following my own advice and buying a chip. Couple this with TunerProRT, and you can tune on the fly. Put it in emulation mode, change the map as you drive, then write the file when you are satisfied with the tuning session. Couldn't be any easier and that's on a 1987 BMW!
[5/5]: Alexander Swenson, 10/21/2018
Worked out of box, works first time, every time. Case is rugged and I don't feel like I'll break it anytime soon.
[5/5]: Mohammad Naser, 08/19/2018
amazing product the best solution for honda... delivery time was perfect
[5/5]: Fauzi Ramdzan, 02/02/2017
it was a good product
[5/5]: Dylan Raguseo, 06/19/2016
Very useful product. Very stable and I have never had an issue with mine.
[5/5]: Bill Levy, 01/24/2016
Picked up one of these and the Socket Booster. As stated, the socket booster is required for the C3 GM OBD1 ECM's. I am running a 1228062 ECM. In my tuning, I am using a Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook and the vehicle docking station. I have the Socket Booster installed in the ECM and the USB end connected to the docking station. The nice thing is that I can remove my laptop and make adjustments and then redock the laptop and simply upload the changes to the Ostrich. What else is also nice is that I don't need to have the laptop for the truck to run as long as the Ostrich is plugged in to the ECM. Making changes on the fly is NEAT! Tuning with TunerProRT, I can make changes on the fly, all the while, simultaneously recording a log file. You will not regret getting one of these if you were like me where I was having to burn a new EEPROM to test out changes. THUMBS UP MOATES for a quality product. Being an Electronics Tech., I'll tell you, this Ostrich and Socket Booster will NOT be sold as it's as much of an integral piece of test equipment to me as an oscilloscope.
[5/5]: Sam Kelly, 11/04/2015
Im very impressed with the product and the company!! I ordered a honda ecu chipping kit and also a moates ostrich 2.0. The ecu chipping kit was presented very nicely and they use top quality components. The replacement capacitor is one of the top brands (Nichicon or nippon chemicon I cant quite remember) And it is speced specifically for automotive/industrial use. Something only a real electronics guy would bother to notice, these guys know what they're doing! The Moates Ostrich was of the same presentation and worked perfectly out of the box. Unfortunately after some months use I had a technical issue with the unit but not to worry because the Technical support was world class! very fast response and my case was handled professionally Turns out it was a component failure which goes back to the component supplier, not Moates fault, nothing wrong with the assembly. All in all Im very happy with the product and service, recommend to anyone whos thinking about going this route to tune their own car. Cheers Dave
[5/5]: Muhammad Faizul Johan, 08/05/2015
i like
[5/5]: Hussain / Bah 13049 Mohamed Ameen, 07/01/2015
Works well.
[5/5]: Greg Carroll, 05/06/2015
Awesome !
[5/5]: Shane Lyttle, 04/24/2015
Fantastic product. Works well for all kinds of obd1 vehicles.
[5/5]: Robert Goscicki, 04/04/2015
Great product! I just wish I could find a place to buy the Bluetooth kit for it.
[5/5]: Sergio Capurso, 11/13/2014
Very good product, suitable for the use with Win 8,with the right usb drivers.
[5/5]: James Mcneely, 10/29/2014
OUTSTANDING customer service and great products to boot! I love my ostrich and can't say enough about what a great company this is! Thanks a million guys.
[5/5]: Clay Tynan, 10/11/2014
Easy to use, saves a ton of time vs burning chips. It does not take a lot of room in the car, easy to tuck out of the way. I should have started out with it. Thanks
[5/5]: Joyman Freitas, 09/24/2014
[5/5]: Nipon Nitsawaeng, 07/22/2014
very good product,easy to use,tuning is very easy with this ship too.
[5/5]: Balazs Baky, 05/05/2014
Hi! I am from Hungary, I use for Italian cars, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, great and helpfull! Thanks
[5/5]: Sergio Capurso, 02/22/2014
Great product, useful and easy to use, with the Crome SW, the USB chipset work great with the new Windows 8 (is not easy to find products working with this O.S.).
[5/5]: Sergio Capurso, 11/14/2013
Works great, reliable and easy to install, very good product. Real time programming is very easy with this device.
[5/5]: Giuliano Acciari, 09/23/2013
I saw this product inserted in the ECU IAW4 for lancia delta integrale, is great for important parameters vary with the engine running, the price is attractive for its functions, it goes well with tunerpro Giuliano Roma (ITALIA)
[5/5]: Aleksandr Bondarenko, 07/05/2013
Для русскоязычных друзей. Парни, заказал, оплатил через PayPal, думал будет долго ехать, через 10 дней позвонили из EMS - я был шокирован, уже приехало )))
[5/5]: Hector Rodriguez, 06/21/2013
very good product would definetly uy it 100 time if needed .... fast shipping too!!
[5/5]: Hector Rodriguez, 06/21/2013
very good product would definetly uy it 100 time if needed .... fast shipping too!!
[5/5]: James Holland, 05/24/2013
I've had this a few years now and its been 100% reliable, an excellent tool.
[5/5]: Kevin Grenier, 04/14/2013
I have been using the Ostrich 2.0 for about three years and have not had one problem at all. This is worth every penny.
[3/5]: Evaggelia Giannopoulou, 03/28/2013
I had experience with it for some years now. Overall ok but ! I have problems when i unplug the usb cable, then the car doesnt want to start. Or if i have dead laptop battery and unplug the usb to ostrich it becomes more prone to *bogging* like below \/ Sometimes under certain boost the car bogs and resets itself even with usb on *with numerours cars (maby unit EMI sensitive). Tried two units with different cables, but only with burned rom i do the job.
[5/5]: Hector Rodriguez, 02/19/2013
very nice product good durable i had one before and they are the best in live tuning solutions
[5/5]: Sam Choy, 02/09/2013
works great have no problems have for like 3 years
[5/5]: Daniel Escobedo, 01/25/2013
Excellent tool for any tuner or individual.
[5/5]: Hector Rodriguez, 04/29/2012
very good item very pleased
[5/5]: Steven Sochalski, 04/09/2012
Top notch product with amazing support
[3/5]: Pettini Mickael, 08/31/2011
[5/5]: Nuno Miguel Silva, 03/15/2011
I think this interface is fantastic. Now i have question anyone use ostrich in fiat gt ,bosch motronic. Thanks regards
[5/5]: Tamas Farkas, 03/07/2011
very good realtime
[5/5]: Jeremy Noonan, 03/05/2011
I put one of these things in my 94 DSM and I couldn't be happier with it. Quick read / writes, real time emulation and a fraction the price of other options. Much respect to the smart people of Moates.
[5/5]: Levani Melikishvili, 02/11/2011
Hello! i am ging to buy this unit and what is the time of shipping? to Georgia? (republic).
[5/5]: Sal Carceller, 03/05/2010
I have been tuning Bosch Motronic systems in the 84-89 Porsche 911 cars for a few years now and I just bought the Ostrich2 for it's ability to live tune (hit-trace feature) the Motronic DME. This is one of the best investments I've made! Great Product at a good price. Thanks.
[5/5]: Jason Packard, 09/06/2007
Seriously, quit wasting your time and get one of these.
[5/5]: Simon Chung, 08/22/2007
This realtime chip emulation is a little gem. I cannot explain to you in technical terms how amazing it is. I just know it performs beautifully.
[5/5]: Kelly Davidson, 08/20/2007
I just purchased this new Ostrich. All I can say is that it ROCKS! I've had to burn my chips over and over again wasting a ton of time trying to get my tune right. With this, it's easier than anything I've had to work with. This is a wise investment over anything else I've had to purchase.
Displaying 1 to 47 (of 47 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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