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Here at Moates.Net, we aim to deliver
personalized service and top-notch products!

Creating and supplying the tools you want and need to achieve success in your Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning projects, Moates.Net comes through for novices as well as professionals and shops.

Affordable and dependable, we have something for almost everyone!

We're just a small outfit, Craig and Bonnie Moates, a husband and wife team.

We're also fortunate enough to have David Blundell for technical support, product development, and system administration.

In addition, we have Annelies and Sophie for assembly and testing, production coordination, and order fulfillment.

We spend all available time putting together this stuff to try and help make things easier for folks when it comes to DIY-EFI tuning. The objective here isn't to make big bucks. It's to learn, teach, and have fun. To supply the tools which make things even more interesting than they are from the factory.

We're making just enough money on this to justify continued effort and additional product development, and our low pricing reflects that. If there's anything you need, just let us know and we'll do what we can to help.
The products of Moates.Net are offered for educational, off-road use.
It is up to the end user to ensure compliance with local and federal laws.
No liability, express or implied, shall exist for any damages resulting from use or misuse of the product offerings of Moates.Net or its associates.

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