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Support and Help
There are several options for support and help:
This is at the top right of the page you're currently viewing. Useful for quickly finding products and information about them. Note you can select which part of the website to search. BLATANT CHANGE FOR TESTING
Additional links:
By pulling up the product detail page of the item you are interested in at the webstore, you will find links to important information such as installation instructions and operating manuals. Here is an example for the 27SF512 chip:
27SF512 Product Page

Support pages:
We maintain a collection of searchable information which is fairly thorough. Much of this information is cross-linked within the webstore through 'additional links', but the bulk content is located in a structured format here:
Video Content:
A growing number of tutorial, introductory, and how-to videos are located here:

We used to have a forum, although it wasn't very active. At some point, we'll try to bring back the content as a searchable database of information.
There are other forums which are very active and helpful, here are a few:
For Fords:
Contact Us:
If you can't find the answer to your question online, you may Contact Us
Live Support Session:
If your tuning PC has internet access, we can log onto it and take control. This is often very helpful when working through configuration or tutorial exercises. This is something which should be scheduled or discussed ahead of time. Here is the link for that option:


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