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Press Coverage
We've been covered in the press by various magazines and periodicals. Here's where you can see these articles. You can left-click on the images or text to browse right into the linked PDFs, or you can right-click, and save the file for review off-line. Some of them are a couple megs, but nothing too huge.

Chevy High Performance, October 2004. Full spread on using the AutoProm with author's OBD1 GM 165 MAF Corvette.

Honda Tuning, June 2005. Detailed article illustrating chipping install, interviews with me and other PGMFI folks. Features the Ostrich, BURN1, HULOG, and other hardware.

GM High Tech Performance, August 2006. Nothing too in-depth, this is the press release for the Roadrunner LS1 realtime emulator under their 'Cutting Edge' section.

Perth Street Car, Volume 14 Number 1. This aticle from Australia gives account of a True-Blue tuner's experience with the Roadrunner on a Holden performance vehicle.

GM High Tech Performance, November 2006. This is an in-depth article with all the awesome details about the Roadrunner in action on the dyno. A full review, this is a must-read for anyone that does work with LS1 vehicles.

Have fun out there!

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