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Honda OBD0/OBD1 hardware:

Here you will find chipping kits, burners, dataloggers, emulators, starter kits, and other products which can be used with Honda/Acura pre-OBD2 applications.
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 "Honda Tuning Kit (discontinued)"  "Honda Tuning Kit (discontinued)"
 Kit for tuning Hondas aimed at shops/dealers who want to tune many vehicles. DOES NOT INCLUDE SOFTWARE WHICH MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY! 
 "HONDA1 - Honda ECU Chipping Kit"  "HONDA1 - Honda ECU Chipping Kit"
 If all you want to do is chip your OBD1 Honda ECU, look no further. This is the most complete kit on the market! 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 "Neptune/Demon RTP Hardware/Software Combo"  "Neptune/Demon RTP Hardware/Software Combo"
 Included in this comprehensive kit is one Demon unit and a software license for the NepTune tuning software. Arguably the best solution out there for an enthusiast looking to tune their own car. 
 $399.00  Buy Now 
 'BURN2 Chip Programmer'  'BURN2 Chip Programmer'
 USB Chip Programmer works with the AT29C256, 27SF512, and AM29F040 chips. Self-powered from the USB port, so no power adapter is needed! Burner can also be used to read stock GM memcals using the HDR1 adapter. While it will only program the three types of chips listed, please note that those three chips can be used as drop-in replacements for most EFI applications. Comes with stand-alone chip programming software (available for download). Also compatible with TunerPro RT. Will read most stock-style chips (2732A, 27C128/256/512/etc). Mini-USB cable is included. 
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 'Demon2'  'Demon2'
 The Demon 2 is the latest in our line of Honda/Acura-friendly technology. Flawless realtime emulation, embedded datalogging without a laptop, auxiliary inputs. This device is intended to be permanently installed in USDM ECUs. Gives all the power of the Ostrich, Hulog, RTP, and other products into one, and more. Full native compatibility with Crome, Neptune, eCTune, TunerPro, and others. USDM/EDM large case ECUs only! DOES NOT FIT JDM/small case ECUs! 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed' (discontinued)  'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed' (discontinued)
 The newest breed of emulator has evolved! This is the newest Ostrich, the 2.0 unit. It is extremely small and compact, durable, versatile, and powerful. Full 921.6k speed, from 4k (2732A) up to 512k (4mbit 29F040) and everything in between (27C128, 27C256, 27C512). 
 'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface (discontinued)'  'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface (discontinued)'
 With this device (an abridged/modified version of the ALDU1), you can perform datalogging on your Honda ECU using USB as your PC interface. Comes with converter box, USB cable, 4-pin CN2 port latching header, and a cable to go from the box to your 4-pin header on the ECU. Check the documentation section for an installation guide. 
 74HC373N Latching Chip  74HC373N Latching Chip
 THIS IS NOT A PROGRAMMABLE CHIP YOU CAN BURN! This a 20 pin 74HC373 latch chip that is part of the Honda Chip Kit. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 <font size= 1>2TIMER</font>  2TIMER
 This little gem plugs into your 28-pin socket that normally takes a 27C128 or 27C256. It has a single wire lead coming off of it. Put a 27SF512 chip in it, and switch the wire lead to chassis ground to switch between two separate programs! Comes with a 27SF512 chip. 
 $34.00  Buy Now 
 Battery for QH/Ost2/RR/Demon1  Battery for QH/Ost2/RR/Demon1
 Hopefully, you will never need a battery replacement on the Demon1, Quarterhorse, Ostrich2, or Roadrunner. If you do, then you can use this. Most units are soldered in, so be prepared to desolder the old one to replace it. If the old one measures over 2 volts then it should be fine so don't replace it! 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 C14 Capacitor  C14 Capacitor
 This is the replacement capacitor for the stock C14 unit. It is typically replaced as a preventive measure in the Honda ECUs. Included in the chipping kit, but if you want it separate, then here it is. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 C51 and C52 - 0.1 uF Capacitor (pack of 4)  C51 and C52 - 0.1 uF Capacitor (pack of 4)
 C51 and C52 are 0.1uF capacitors used in the conversion of Honda ECUs. Sold in Packs of 4. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 C60 - 1 uF Capacitor  C60 - 1 uF Capacitor
 C60 is used in the VTEC conversion of ECUs. It is used in the conversion of 1720, 1980, and 11F0 ECUs. 
 $0.50  Buy Now 
 CN2 Cable  CN2 Cable
 This is a 4-pin interconnect cable, 12" long, that is normally included with the HULOG. It can be used to replace a broken interconnect cable if needed. 
 $4.00  Buy Now 
 CN2 Latching Header  CN2 Latching Header
 This is a latching header for the CN2 port. It comes with the UberKit, but if you want it separately or want some extras, here ya go! 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 CN2 Straight Header  CN2 Straight Header
 This is just a straight square-post header for use with the CN2 data port. 
 $0.50  Buy Now 
 D11 - 1N4002 Clamping Diode  D11 - 1N4002 Clamping Diode
 1N4002 Diode for Spot D11 on Honda ECUs. It is used in the conversion of 1720, 1980, and 11F0 ECUs. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 Demon 1 Analog Terminal Connector  Demon 1 Analog Terminal Connector
 This is a 5-position screw terminal strip which can be soldered onto your Demon 1. It provides 4x analog inputs for use with Neptune. Already integrated on the Demon2, so only for Demon 1. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 Demon Pin Header Set  Demon Pin Header Set
 This is two of the replacement header pieces which come with the Demon. If you break a pin off of them, or if you lose them, this is what you want. 
 $5.00  Buy Now 
 Honda EngineSim V3  Honda EngineSim V3
 Device for bench testing Honda OBD1 ECUs. 
 Neptune Software for Demons  Neptune Software for Demons
 Do you have a Demon and you're thinking about trying or switching over to Neptune? For just $150, you'll be up to speed! The NepTune tuning software is compatible with your existing Demon hardware. Together, this is arguably the best solution out there for an enthusiast looking to tune their own car. 
 $150.00  Buy Now 
 Neptune/Demon Bluetooth Module Add-on  Neptune/Demon Bluetooth Module Add-on
 This Bluetooth module has been thoroughly tested and pre-configured for direct plug-n-play use with the new Neptune/Demon2 package combo! Compatible with the Android TunerView application as well as PC-based Neptune tuning and logging communications. First revision includes labeled 12" 4-pin attachment cable and shrink-protected ECU/Demon-side Bluetooth dongle. Also compatible with other devices by simply re-pinning the cable end, but comes ready to roll for Neptune/Demon2 RTP. Second revision comes ready to plug directly into 4 pin header on your favorite tuning device. 
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 NTE2368 Style Transistor for Q101 (pack of 5)  NTE2368 Style Transistor for Q101 (pack of 5)
 NTE2368-Style Transistor is used in the VTEC conversion of Honda ECUs in location Q101. We are currently supplying the R4305 Transistor as a direct drop in replacement for this part. Sold in packs of 5. 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 PWM EGR Boost Control for eCTune and S300  PWM EGR Boost Control for eCTune and S300
 This kit allows you to use the boost control feature available in tuning software packages such as eCtune and Hondata S300 Compatible with all OBD I Civic and Integra ECUs. 
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Q26 and Q37 - D1423/C2785 Transistor (pack of 4)  Q26 and Q37 - D1423/C2785 Transistor (pack of 4)
 D1423/C2785 Transistors are used in the VTEC conversion of ECUs. It is used in the conversion of 1720 ECUs in location Q26 and 1980 ECUs in location Q26 and Q37. Sold in packs of 4. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 R54 - 1k Ohm Resistor (pack of 10)  R54 - 1k Ohm Resistor (pack of 10)
 R54 is a 1k Ohm Resistor 1/6W used in the conversion of Honda ECUs. Sold in Packs of 10. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 RM11 Replacement Kit  RM11 Replacement Kit
 Replacement for the RM11 Resistor network found in Honda 1720 boards. 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 SK5151 High Side Switch  SK5151 High Side Switch
 The SK5151 High Side Switch for VTEC conversions 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 VTEC-11F0 Conversion Kit  VTEC-11F0 Conversion Kit
 VTEC Conversion Kit for Honda ECU Board 11F0 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 VTEC-1720 Conversion Kit  VTEC-1720 Conversion Kit
 This is a VTEC Conversion kit for the Honda 1720 Board 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 VTEC-1980 Conversion Kit  VTEC-1980 Conversion Kit
 VTEC Conversion kit for Honda 1980 board 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 31 (of 31 products) Result Pages:  1 

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