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"HONDA1 - Honda ECU Chipping Kit"


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[5/5]: Carlo Gison, 09/17/2018
works great
[5/5]: Mitrail Francois-xavier, 05/15/2014
it's very easy to chip the ecu with this kit
[4/5]: Joseph Bowen, 04/04/2014
This is a great product! My order was processed and shipped quickly. I gave this 4 stars because (per Dave at customer support) the kit has been changed to not include the Jumper Header unless requested. I wasn't aware of this, so was a little disappointed when I received an extra resistor to use the leads from instead of the advertised jumper. Otherwise, it's a great product.
[5/5]: Dylan Savage, 08/26/2013
exactly as described
[5/5]: Donnie Arbogast, 05/20/2013
Very complete and ready to go as usual! Anything from Craig and the team at Moates is spectactular!
[5/5]: Emmanuel Figueroa, 01/29/2013
Excellent !! Fast Shipping
[5/5]: Elton Williams, 01/21/2013
Easy to install and everything yu need to chip a obd1 honda ecu
[5/5]: Jason Young, 04/25/2012
these kits rock..
[5/5]: Nick Devries, 04/21/2012
Absolutely amazing! The best chip kit I've come across and I've bought from several different sights. This is the best deal on the market!
[5/5]: Jose Rivera, 03/25/2012
fast shipping
[5/5]: Steve Parry Jr, 02/20/2012
[5/5]: Juan Madrigal, 08/27/2011
very good
[5/5]: Juan Madrigal, 08/27/2011
very good
[5/5]: Andrew Donnell, 04/29/2010
Absolutely perfect in every way. Low price, quality parts, lightning fast shipping! Gets no better than that. Will be a returning customer for sure. Keep up the great work everyone!
[5/5]: Sam Hotham, 04/22/2010
[5/5]: Jon Brooks, 03/19/2010
Fantastic and cheap! Included everything I needed to chip my P06. Couldn't ask for anything better!
[5/5]: Heath Rasmusson, 06/25/2007
This is an awesome kit! It comes with every thing you need to chip your OBD1 ECU... I've bought more that six of these and I plan to buy more. Thanks!
[5/5]: James Faircloth, 11/28/2006
Used this kit on a PM6. Worked great.
[5/5]: Chris Shenefield, 02/05/2006
So very convenient for all you UBERDATA users. Thanks!!!!
[5/5]: Kippie Wagner, 01/30/2006
very easy install,great product,fast shipping.thanks moates...
[5/5]: Duy Le, 05/09/2005
I used this kit to convert my USDM P30 for use with Crome. It was easy to install and the ZIF socket is great!
[5/5]: Brent Bost, 04/19/2005
This product is great. Couldnt be packaged any better and is a perfect kit for moding your ECU
[5/5]: Graham Stubbings, 04/19/2005
It works, and keeps you from having to trawl through RS orwhatever catalogues to find the parts. Winner!
[5/5]: Kris Masias, 04/18/2005
5/5 across the board on packaging, shipping, and contents. I never dealt with any electronics of the sort, so having a premade kit available is very convenient.
[5/5]: Rafael Fernandez, 04/18/2005
Such a great product, i will definitly suggest this to some of my friends who want to use uberdata. The shipping was very fast, and everything was packaged very well.
[5/5]: Jessie Kropp, 04/18/2005
This package contains everything that I needed to get my p28 ecu chipped for uberdata. Everything works with out a hitch and I like the fact that it comes with the reflashable at29c256 eprom and not the one time flashable at27c256.
[5/5]: Anthony Walker, 04/18/2005
This kit is great, everything you need to chip your ecu for uberdata is in it
Displaying 1 to 27 (of 27 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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