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HDR1 Memcal Header


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[5/5]: Ben Willuhn, 06/05/2016
Works great.
[5/5]: Ben Willuhn, 12/09/2014
Works perfectly, makes life easy.
[5/5]: Mike Rivard, 03/20/2012
I use this MEMCAL header on my Burn 2 programmer, to make it easier to reprogram the MEMCAL in my GM 1227730 ECM. The MEMCAL header stays attached to the Burn 2 unit. When I want to reprogram the MEMCAL, I just pluck it out of the ECM, and stick it onto the header. No ZIF sockets necessary. And there's no wear & tear on the EEPROM chip.
[5/5]: Robert Saar, 08/10/2009
saves a LOT of time since you don't have to remove the PROM to download the stock code. also allows you to replace the factory EPROM with an EEPROM and still be able to program and erase as normal. much cleaner looking on the inside of the ECU.
[5/5]: Aaron Russell, 04/19/2005
This adpater saved my life. It is so damned easy to edit GM memcals now, that way i dont have to continually desoulder them and make new ones. craig, you are a lifesaver!
[5/5]: Robert Owens, 04/18/2005
Very Handy To Have. The Construction Is Superb. Cant Beat It For The Price.
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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