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GP1 Package: GM Adapter with 2 chips


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[5/5]: Dustin Stokes, 02/04/2017
This is a very solid adapter. I was surprised how nice the ZIF socket was made. This is a must if your swapping chips often
[5/5]: Brent Morrison, 01/19/2017
Makes tuning my TPI Camaro and 95 Tahoe much easier, especially when using my Ostrich
[5/5]: Jason Riddering, 06/30/2014
Excellent, makes swapping the stock chip very easy. Have been running it in my 87 Camaro for several years with no issues.
[5/5]: Per-axel Carlsson, 08/18/2013
Works perfectly, but notice that the prom notch goes away from the handle not towards the handle as it is in the APU1 programmer. That had me fooled for a couple of hours.
[5/5]: Phillip Kuhn, 04/25/2012
Another excellent product !
[5/5]: Kevin Collins, 04/20/2005
Cost efficient and easy to use, the GP1 adapter offers you the hassle-free benefits of EEPROMs along with a quick-change ZIF socket.. If you need to get started in tuning your 86-89 MAF TPI or 90-92 SD TPI, this will get you started!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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