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G2 Memory Adapter: 0.60" Leg Spacing


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[5/5]: James Bond, 05/20/2016
Works fine
[5/5]: Don Curry, 03/11/2016
Works very good. Makes it so much easier to program the chip.
[5/5]: Bud Wallace, 11/19/2013
What can I say that hasn't been already? Does the job and makes it pretty ease. Thanks Craig and co.
[4/5]: Leroy Reid, 04/03/2013
works great, did it's job, the only complaint i have is it's just a little too tall, if added to a chip socket with a zif on top it all sticks way out the top of the ecm, will probably remove the zif socket once i get the tune lined out, but it will still stick out of the top just a little.(a bubble in the cover maybe?)
[5/5]: Bob Lyerla, 04/29/2012
works great makes changing chip easy
[5/5]: Phillip Kuhn, 04/25/2012
Excellent product.
[5/5]: Kenneth Siegner, 07/23/2005
Real simple to install. All you need is a desolderer and a sharp tipped solderer. Don't forget to be patient, the solder will melt lol. Shipping was real fast too!
[5/5]: Chad Eickhoff, 05/24/2005
Awesome for its intended purpose BUT, if you want to install a ZIF, in my opinion this assembly gets to be too much of a cluster-F. A much more sano solution is to buy the G2 and remove the socket on the top side and solder in the ZIF instead and make what I have dubbed the G2Z. If you want to get really trick and aren't ultra concerned about bulletproof durability then use the low profile ZIF and make yourself a G2ZLP. The bottom line: If you aren't going to use a ZIF socket or if you are but don't care about having some big old abortion hanging out of your ECU case then buy the G2 and use it... for those appications it is PERFECT. If you are a puckerbutt like me then you will probably want to slim it down by replacing the socket.
[5/5]: Rodney Mclaughlin, 04/24/2005
Had this memory adapter and a zif socket istalled in my ECM by Craig. He did a great job. Makes those chip mods much more convient for my TBI engine.
[5/5]: Benjamin Smith, 04/18/2005
Craig, You were reffered to me by Colin Opseth, he said you were the "Go to Guy" on the ECM stuff for GM's. The G2 adapter worked great, as well as the Burn 1 I bought from you, I've already burned about 50 chips and making progress daily, Thanks for the awesome products!!! Ben Smith Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
[5/5]: Andrew Macpherson, 04/18/2005
Bought this adapter for my 6869 ECM in my 86 Fiero (Turbo 2.8L).. Worked great and was everything I expected! Craig is awesome to deal with.
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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