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G1 Memory Adapter: TPI ETC.


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[5/5]: Padgett Peterson, 09/04/2021
Works great for a Grand Prix GTP, buying another.
[5/5]: Josh Alsbrooks, 10/17/2020
quality and easy to install. only regret is i didnt get the zif socket with it but outside of that im very pleased with it.
[5/5]: Michael Smith, 07/22/2015
Awsome product, it allowed me to install the custom made ecm tune chip that i purchased from a chip maker. I have owned the product going on atleast one year to-date and has been flawless with atleast 30-40,000 miles on this device.
[5/5]: Jose Ledezma, 09/15/2014
Worked great, I had to work it into place a second time cause it was coming loose but that was my own fault since it wasn't seated all the way in.
[5/5]: Ryan Gick, 03/27/2014
Like the new EPROM sockets (with slots instead of pin holes) - easier to install and remove EPROM chips. Had several customers bending legs on EPROMs trying to install them into the sockets that had the smaller pin holes.
[5/5]: Shawn Soden, 03/21/2014
Very easy to install, instructions were spot on.
[5/5]: Dustin Murry, 03/08/2014
Great product. Its built real nice and does what it is supposed to do. Thanks!
[5/5]: Matthew Jones, 09/10/2013
Easy to deal with even when you stuff up and get the wrong thing
[5/5]: Michael Link, 04/14/2012
Easy to use, very inexpensive. A great deal
[5/5]: Mike Rivard, 03/20/2012
This is exactly what I needed to use EEPROM chips (I use the 27FS512 chips) with my GM 1227730 ECM. It's plug-n-play, literally.
[5/5]: Robert Saar, 02/26/2012
if you need a simple, fast and reversible way of using custom tunes, this is it.
[5/5]: Kareem Lee, 06/17/2009
I have ordered from moates a few times now and i must say, this is one of the greatest companies to deal with, great pricing, great quality, and u get exactly what they advertise, but the best part is the customer service, i placed an order last night around 5pm(jun 16th), and i was shocked to find out it actually was at the post office and ready to be shipped before 6:45. and i have never had a probelm with anything i ordered from this site, A+ all the way, keep up the good work 06/17/2009 12:26 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN PORT ALLEN,LA, US 06/16/2009 9:14 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN 06/16/2009 8:34 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN US 06/16/2009 6:40 P.M. BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED
[5/5]: Jon Prevost, 04/19/2005
Look no further for the best bang for the buck. G1 adaptor, Burn1, and a couple AT29C256 or 27SF512 chips and you're set. I've personally used this adaptor in TBI, TPI, and LT1 computers with zero problems. Only tricky part is the tight fit on the 1227730 90-92 TPI ecm's where the memcal is tight.
[5/5]: Kevin Dinsmoor, 04/19/2005
This adapter fits way better than other adapters out there. You can instantly see that quality is a priorty with Craig's products. There are no disappointments here.
[5/5]: Ed Westerbeck, 04/19/2005
G1 Memory Adapter: TPI Etc Thanks for being an innovator for solutions on this kind of stuff. I received it quickly, and it was a great answer for my engine swap needs. Ed Westerbeck
[5/5]: Robert Kennedy, 04/18/2005
Very useful product and fairly priced. Quck service!
Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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