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 "Honda Tuning Kit"  "Honda Tuning Kit"
 Kit for tuning Hondas aimed at shops/dealers who want to tune many vehicles. DOES NOT INCLUDE SOFTWARE WHICH MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY! 
 $299.00  Buy Now 
 "HONDA1 - Honda ECU Chipping Kit"  "HONDA1 - Honda ECU Chipping Kit"
 If all you want to do is chip your OBD1 Honda ECU, look no further. This is the most complete kit on the market! 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 "Neptune/Demon RTP Hardware/Software Combo"  "Neptune/Demon RTP Hardware/Software Combo"
 Included in this comprehensive kit is one Demon unit and a software license for the NepTune tuning software. Arguably the best solution out there for an enthusiast looking to tune their own car. 
 $399.00  Buy Now 
 'ALDU1 and CABL1'  'ALDU1 and CABL1'
 This is for any pre-1995 (OBD1) GM vehicle. Everything except the 1995 LT1. You should be able to datalog all of them, and reflash the 94 LT1 as well. Comes with XtremeALDL and NewCABL1 (RJ45/Moates-specific new style). There's a switch on the side which allows you to select 10k (across pins A&B of ALDL) or 'Open' mode. You use the 10k mode for older TBI and TPI setups, and the 'Open' for newer Speed density and LT1 stuff. This item can be used with TunerPro RT, TTS Datamaster, TunerCat reflash for LT1, WinALDL, and EFI Live V4(OBD1). 
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version  'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version
 Does everything in one package, one USB-based device! USB-powered, so no power supply needed. Chip burning/reading, datalogging, and realtime emulation. Performs ALDL communications at 160/8192 baud, programs AT29C256 and 27SF512 chips. Has 3-channel 0-5v 10-bit A/D provision fpr wideband and other datalogging. Includes AutoProm device, 28-pin 18-inch emulation cable, OBD1-style ALDL cable CABL1, 6-ft USB cable, 2x 27SF512 chip, and Mark Mansur's TunerPro RT5 software license. PLEASE READ through product documentation to understand some of the features of this all-in-one, datalogging, realtime emulation tuning, and chip burning hardware. This item is for OBD1 GM vehicles ONLY.  It is not for Hondas, Nissans, Fords, BMWs or other cars.  If you are not sure whether this unit is the right choice for you, please email support prior to purchase. 
 $329.00  Buy Now 
 'BURN2 Chip Programmer'  'BURN2 Chip Programmer'
 USB Chip Programmer works with the AT29C256, 27SF512, and AM29F040 chips. Self-powered from the USB port, so no power adapter is needed! Burner can also be used to read stock GM memcals using the HDR1 adapter. While it will only program the three types of chips listed, please note that those three chips can be used as drop-in replacements for most EFI applications. Comes with stand-alone chip programming software (available for download). Also compatible with TunerPro RT. Will read most stock-style chips (2732A, 27C128/256/512/etc). Mini-USB cable is included. 
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 'Demon2'  'Demon2'
 The Demon 2 is the latest in our line of Honda/Acura-friendly technology. Flawless realtime emulation, embedded datalogging without a laptop, auxiliary inputs. This device is intended to be permanently installed in USDM ECUs. Gives all the power of the Ostrich, Hulog, RTP, and other products into one, and more. Full native compatibility with Crome, Neptune, eCTune, TunerPro, and others. USDM/EDM large case ECUs only! DOES NOT FIT JDM/small case ECUs! 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 'F3v2' Ford Memory Adapter  'F3v2' Ford Memory Adapter
 This is the new version of the F3 chip module for pre-2005 EEC. Compatible with Jaybird and BURN2/FA with free 5.15.F firmware update. Supports 8-positions of 1/2/4-bank. Automatic PATS masking logic with manual jumpers for selective defeat. Full 256k read/write for scratchpad access. 
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 'Jaybird' J3 Module Reader/Programmer  'Jaybird' J3 Module Reader/Programmer
 This device, coupled with an F3 chip module, is all you will need to recalibrate Ford pre-2005. The Jaybird plugs into the mini-USB on one side and the F3 modules on the other. It takes the place of a chip burner and J3 port adapter (it IS a chip burner with native J3 interface). This device will NOT read stock ECUs, but you can usually download the binary from the internet. If you need to read stock ECUs, you'll still want to look at the BURN2+F2A+F2E. Comes with mini-USB cable. 
 $75.00  Buy Now 
 'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed'  'Ostrich 2.0 : The New Breed'
 The newest breed of emulator has evolved! This is the newest Ostrich, the 2.0 unit. It is extremely small and compact, durable, versatile, and powerful. Full 921.6k speed, from 4k (2732A) up to 512k (4mbit 29F040) and everything in between (27C128, 27C256, 27C512). 
 $175.00  Buy Now 
 'QuarterHorse' for Fords  'QuarterHorse' for Fords
 For a price of $249, the QuarterHorse delivers in unparalleled fashion. It gives you absolute, bumpless, 100% realtime tuning AND realtime datalogging for all EEC-IV and EEC-V through 2004. It also lets you read stock EEC boxes to establish a starter tune. The QH plugs into the J3 port like a chip, but its capabilities are stunning. You can change ANY parameter while the vehicle is running without disturbing operation. You can log ANY parameter in RAM from the EEC-IV and V at sample rates well over 1,000 frames per second through the same mini USB cable (no OBD cable needed). All necessary cabling is included, but software is needed separately. 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface'  'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface'
 With this device (an abridged/modified version of the ALDU1), you can perform datalogging on your Honda ECU using USB as your PC interface. Comes with converter box, USB cable, 4-pin CN2 port latching header, and a cable to go from the box to your 4-pin header on the ECU. Check the documentation section for an installation guide. 
 $35.00  Buy Now 
 18 ft sensor cable for use with Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 Sensor - P/N: 3828  18 ft sensor cable for use with Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 Sensor - P/N: 3828
 18 ft sensor cable for use with Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 Sensor - P/N: 3828 Compatible with the LM-2, LC-2, and MTX-L, SCG-1, DLG-1, PSB-1, and PSN-1. 
 $79.00  Buy Now 
 74HC373N Latching Chip  74HC373N Latching Chip
 THIS IS NOT A PROGRAMMABLE CHIP YOU CAN BURN! This a 20 pin 74HC373 latch chip that is part of the Honda Chip Kit. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 <font size= 1>2TIMER</font>  2TIMER
 This little gem plugs into your 28-pin socket that normally takes a 27C128 or 27C256. It has a single wire lead coming off of it. Put a 27SF512 chip in it, and switch the wire lead to chassis ground to switch between two separate programs! Comes with a 27SF512 chip. 
 $34.00  Buy Now 
 <font size=4><u>Ford Product Tutorial</u></font>  Ford Product Tutorial
 Click here to be taken through a guide of how to use our Ford-related products. Find out what your options are for different year/model vehicles in terms of datalogging, emulation, and chip burning equipment. Software options are also presented as they relate to hardware capabilities. 
 ALDU1 XtremeALDL USB-to-ALDL Converter  ALDU1 XtremeALDL USB-to-ALDL Converter
 Does not work by itself, needs the CABL1 or CABL2 to work! USB-based ALDL converter box. Goes between your PC and a CABL1 or CABL2. Works great, unlike most USB/Serial converters. Goes straight from USB to ALDL. Does NOT work with a serial port. Compatible with all the popular programs in Windows (TunerPro, DataMaster, WinALDL). Will do 160-baud and 8192-baud communication. Not for use with the 'Moates' ECM852 software or other DOS-based programs. Self-powered via USB, and it has a built-in switch to select mode (up=10k, middle=open, down=short) for the A-B pins. Comes with a 6-ft USB cable, but requires either the CABL1 or CABL2 for connection to the car, depending on your application. The RJ-type-looking connector you see in the picture is for the CABL1 and CABL2, and it is not a standard RJ-type connector. 
 $50.00  Buy Now 
 Battery for QH/Ost2/RR/Demon1  Battery for QH/Ost2/RR/Demon1
 Hopefully, you will never need a battery replacement on the Demon1, Quarterhorse, Ostrich2, or Roadrunner. If you do, then you can use this. Most units are soldered in, so be prepared to desolder the old one to replace it. If the old one measures over 2 volts then it should be fine so don't replace it! 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 Belkin PCMCIA 2-Port USB Card  Belkin PCMCIA 2-Port USB Card
 This PCMCIA expansion card is perfect for a laptop that doesn't have USB. Just add this card, and you'll have two USB ports ready to go! Needs Win98 or better, and uses CardBus slot. 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 Binary Editor  Binary Editor
Binary Editor is a flexible software package that allows real-time tuning and datalogging when paired with the Moates QuarterHorse. While Binary Editor can support a very wide range of vehicles, "out of the box" it only supports a few select strategy definitions: GUFB/GUFA/GUF1 (89-93 Fox Body MAF), CBAZA (94-95 Mustang V8), LA, LA3, LUX0 (86-87 Speed Density Mustang), PE. While not sold through Moates,additional vehicle support is available commercially through third parties such as Core Tuning and Derek Fenwick. Binary Editor can talk to a wide range of hardware beyond Moates products such as widebands and 3rd party dataloggers. While not sold through Moates, support for J2534 flashing also additionally available from Core Tuning. Bottom line: If you do not have one of the strategies listed here, you should contact us before making a purchase to ensure your vehicle is supported.

Binary Editor is licensed in two ways. The "standard" version is locked to a single PC. After purchase, download and install it and follow the registration procedure in the software. Please be warned: BE's author will not re-issue a license to a different machine in the future without an additional charge. If you would like the ability to use BE on more than one PC, purchase the dongle option ($71 extra) which is a USB hardware security module allowing you to use Binary Editor software on any PCs while the dongle is connected. There is no registration with the dongle - the physical dongle contains your registration. Note: the dongle version is also required to use some advanced features, such as J2534 flashing and database definitions.

EEC Analyzer ($55 extra) is a standalone program to help you analyze and sort through the data obtained by Binary Editor while connected to a vehicle logging. Although not strictly required, EEC analyzer helps make sense of the often overwhelming amount of data the software can gather. You could perform almost all of its functions in Excel or another statistical analysis program if you knew how to set it up. EEC Analyzer provides a core set of log analysis tools for those who aren't comfortable doing this kind of data analysis on their own.
 $100.00  Buy Now 
 BURN2 Chip Programmer  BURN2 Chip Programmer
 USB Chip Programmer works with the AT29C256, 27SF512, and AM29F040 chips. Self-powered from the USB port, so no power adapter is needed! Burner can also be used to read stock GM memcals using the HDR1 adapter. While it will only program the three types of chips listed, please note that those three chips can be used as drop-in replacements for most EFI applications. Comes with stand-alone chip programming software (available for download). Also compatible with TunerPro RT. Will read most stock-style chips (2732A, 27C128/256/512/etc). Mini-USB cable is included. 
 $85.00  Buy Now 
 Byteswap Board for PSOP44  Byteswap Board for PSOP44
 This board can be placed between something like a Bosch ECU and a Roadrunner emulator. That way, the byte swapping which is required for effective binary manipulation for those applications is all handled at the hardware interface level. Additionally, the board repositions things so that the emulator can more easily be fitted to several families of ECU. 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 C14 Capacitor  C14 Capacitor
 This is the replacement capacitor for the stock C14 unit. It is typically replaced as a preventive measure in the Honda ECUs. Included in the chipping kit, but if you want it separate, then here it is. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 C2 SST 27SF512 Chip  C2 SST 27SF512 Chip
 Works fine as a drop-in replacement for the AT29C256. These work great with the G1, G3, F1, etc. This is the max size for a 28-pin chip. When the C1 isn't big enough, such as Ford EEC-IV applications or later-model TBI GM systems, this chip will do the trick. 90ns flash drop-in replacement for 27C512 EPROMs. Make sure your programmer supports it, there's a funky programming erase voltage required (BURN1, APU1, or PocketProgrammer2 should be fine, APS1 is not). Works fine with 1227165, 1227730, and other similar ECMs. If your car normally takes a 27C128, 27C256, or 27C512, these should work for you. Just adjust the 'Start of Device' value when programming. (For 27C128 original, set to C000 hex. For 27C256 original, set to 8000 hex.) 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 C3 AMD AM29F040B Chip  C3 AMD AM29F040B Chip
 MX 29F040PC-90 (DIP32 package) This monster can handle your multi-program binaries. Goes great with the G3 adapter. 4 megabit chip, can hold 16x 32k (730-type) or 8x 64k (95 TBI, etc) programs. 
 $6.00  Buy Now 
 C4 AM29F040B-70JI PLCC32  C4 AM29F040B-70JI PLCC32
 This is good as a replacement for the memory chips in the F3 adapters, or if you need a 4mbit chip for some other 32-PLCC application. 
 $6.00  Buy Now 
 C51 and C52 - 0.1 uF Capacitor (pack of 4)  C51 and C52 - 0.1 uF Capacitor (pack of 4)
 C51 and C52 are 0.1uF capacitors used in the conversion of Honda ECUs. Sold in Packs of 4. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 C60 - 1 uF Capacitor  C60 - 1 uF Capacitor
 C60 is used in the VTEC conversion of ECUs. It is used in the conversion of 1720, 1980, and 11F0 ECUs. 
 $0.50  Buy Now 
 CABL1 OBD1-Style ALDL Connector  CABL1 OBD1-Style ALDL Connector
 Does not work by itself! Needs the ALDU1 or APU1 to work.Works with pre-1995 GM ALDL ports. You need this to log data on your GM. Connects directly to AutoProm or ALDU1. Is used on most pre-1996 GM EFI cars. Does NOT work by itself! Requires the ALDU1 or APU1 to actually interface to the PC! 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 Chip Extender 1.0  Chip Extender 1.0
 This is an active-circuitry remote chip mounting solution. All address and data information is boosted, allowing chips to be mounted several feet (2-3) away from the target device! 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 CN2 Cable  CN2 Cable
 This is a 4-pin interconnect cable, 12" long, that is normally included with the HULOG. It can be used to replace a broken interconnect cable if needed. 
 $4.00  Buy Now 
 CN2 Latching Header  CN2 Latching Header
 This is a latching header for the CN2 port. It comes with the UberKit, but if you want it separately or want some extras, here ya go! 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 CN2 Straight Header  CN2 Straight Header
 This is just a straight square-post header for use with the CN2 data port. 
 $0.50  Buy Now 
 D1 24-pin DIP socket  D1 24-pin DIP socket
 This socket is a high-quality, machine-tooled socket that can be used to mount 24-pin devices into. Not a ZIF socket. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 D11 - 1N4002 Clamping Diode  D11 - 1N4002 Clamping Diode
 1N4002 Diode for Spot D11 on Honda ECUs. It is used in the conversion of 1720, 1980, and 11F0 ECUs. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 D2 28-pin DIP Socket  D2 28-pin DIP Socket
 This high-quality machine-tooled collet-pin socket can be used to mount 28-pin devices. It is also great for putting on the end of an emulation cable to protect the cable and give a strong set of pins to put into the target device. Not a ZIF socket. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 D3 32-pin DIP Socket  D3 32-pin DIP Socket
 High-quality collet-pin machine-tooled socket. Great for mounting 32-pin chips such as the 29F040. Not a ZIF socket. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 DB9 Serial Cable 6 ft  DB9 Serial Cable 6 ft
 Nine-pin serial cable, DB9 on both ends, one male and the other female. Used as an extension or as a replacement for other cables. Stylish black color, 6 feet in length. If you need a serial cable, here it is! 
 $6.00  Buy Now 
 Demon 1 Analog Terminal Connector  Demon 1 Analog Terminal Connector
 This is a 5-position screw terminal strip which can be soldered onto your Demon 1. It provides 4x analog inputs for use with Neptune. Already integrated on the Demon2, so only for Demon 1. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 Demon Ostrich Reset Utility  Demon Ostrich Reset Utility
 This is used for resetting the status and vendor ID of your Demon or Ostrich. Useful if you'd like to configure your unit to change software types such as Neptune, eCtune, Crome, and TunerPro. 
 Demon Pin Header Set  Demon Pin Header Set
 This is two of the replacement header pieces which come with the Demon. If you break a pin off of them, or if you lose them, this is what you want. 
 $5.00  Buy Now 
 ECM852 Serial DOS-Based ALDL Software  ECM852 Serial DOS-Based ALDL Software
 This is the DOS-based software for GM TPI and 93 LT1 which I wrote. A bit dated, but open-sourced and fun for you old QBasic / DOS nerds. 
 EEC Editor Software from Paul Booth  EEC Editor Software from Paul Booth
 Software for Ford vehicles only! This is the new Paul Booth EEC Editor software. Supports ALL Moates Ford hardware. Cost is based on year/model vehicle selection. 
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 EMUC2806 Emulation Cable 28-pin 6-inch  EMUC2806 Emulation Cable 28-pin 6-inch
 Only 6" long, this is a 'shorty' version of the emulation cable. It could be useful where you want a close-coupled install without a bunch of unnecessary cabling. Also useful for noisier or sensitive applications where induced signal degradation can occur. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 EMUC2818 Emulation Cable 28-pin 18-inch  EMUC2818 Emulation Cable 28-pin 18-inch
 Same as cable length for emulation products, works as a spare or replacement. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 EMUC2836 Emulation Cable 28-pin 36-inch  EMUC2836 Emulation Cable 28-pin 36-inch
 This is a longer emulation cable. Works if you have a far reach to get to your target device. Can be less robust due to RF interference, but if you need extra length then here you go. Three feet long. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 EMUC3206 Emulation Cable 32-pin 6-Inch  EMUC3206 Emulation Cable 32-pin 6-Inch
 This is for 32-pin applications to interface with the Ostrich. This way you can take advantage of the Ostrich 4mbit abilities. It isn't a common practice, but this can give you the specialty abilities you might need for unusual applications. It's short, only 6", for close coupling. 
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 EX Remote Switch /w/LED  EX Remote Switch /w/LED
 Remote switchbox for multi-bank setups like the G2X, GX, and G3. Has a red single-digit LED display to show which program bank is selected. It's about the size of a car alarm remote, with pushbuttons to select from different memory banks. Comes with 6-foot ribbon cable for remote mounting. Here is a video illustrating how to operate the unit: 
 $25.00  Buy Now 
 F3v2, F8 or QH Rotary Switch  F3v2, F8 or QH Rotary Switch
 When used with the F3v2, F8 module, provides 8-position adjustability for on-the-fly switching. Connect the cable to your Destiny programmer as needed. Includes 4' cable, switch, billet knob, mounting nut, and connectors. Quarterhorse notes: 4 positions when used with the QH on EEC-IV. NOT to be used with EEC-V and the QH. Not all software supports this! Check with us first. 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 FA Ford Module Programming Adapter  FA Ford Module Programming Adapter
 With this adapter, you will be able to use the Burn2 device to read and write your F3 Ford Memory Module directly! No need to remove the square chip from the module, this lets you read it through the edgecard connector. See the 'FE' for more functionality. 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 FE Ford EEC Computer Reading Interface  FE Ford EEC Computer Reading Interface
 Adapter to read 86-04 Ford EEC ECMs on the bench or in-car using BURN2+FA. 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 Ferrite Bead for 4.5mm USB Cable  Ferrite Bead for 4.5mm USB Cable
 You can add this to your USB cable to reduce RFI noise. If your USB device drops out connection from the PC while the car is running, this might be all you need! Snaps right onto existing USB cable. This one is for the thicker cables (4.5mm max), such as those included with the Ostrich, APU1, and bulkhead-cable kit used with QuarterHorses and Demons. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 Flash & Burn Program for BURN1/2/Jaybird+APU1  Flash & Burn Program for BURN1/2/Jaybird+APU1
 This program is used to control the chip reading / erasing / writing duties of the Burn1, Burn2, Jaybird and APU1 devices. With it, you can read and write chips. Free of charge. 
 Ford Dealer Pack 1  Ford Dealer Pack 1
 If you want to become a dealer for Moates products for Fords, this is the starting point. QuarterHorse, QH Opto Kit, Jaybird, TEN F3 chip modules and BE2012 software with a Dongle. 
 $1,000.00  Buy Now 
 FREE Moates.Net Stickers with $99 order  FREE Moates.Net Stickers with $99 order
 Show your pride in the DIY approach! 
   Buy Now 
 FREE Moates.Net Tire Gauge with $199 purchase  FREE Moates.Net Tire Gauge with $199 purchase
 Show your pride in the DIY approach! Get this Moates.Net Tire Gauge for FREE with any order of $199 or more! 
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 G1 Memory Adapter: TPI ETC.  G1 Memory Adapter: TPI ETC.
 The G1 adapter bypasses your factory tuning, and lets you insert your own custom programmed chip without tearing up your stock memcal. Works with a wide range of GM chipped EFI applications, namely the 1986-1993 TPI & LT1 and the 94/95 TBI trucks. 
 $35.00  Buy Now 
 G2 Memory Adapter: 0.45" Leg Spacing  G2 Memory Adapter: 0.45" Leg Spacing
 Very rarely used! This is primarily ONLY used on the Grand Nationals. If you're not POSITIVE that you have the 0.45" spacing then get the 0.6" spacing. Allows use of new Flash chips in many GM TBI setups. If the original application accepted a 24-pin chip such as a 2732A, then this adapter will allow you to upgrade to new Flash chips such as the AT29C256 and 27SF512. Soldering required (see product web page). 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 G2 Memory Adapter: 0.60" Leg Spacing  G2 Memory Adapter: 0.60" Leg Spacing
 Allows use of new Flash chips in many GM TBI setups. If the original application accepted a 24-pin chip such as a 2732A, then this adapter will allow you to upgrade to new Flash chips such as the AT29C256 and 27SF512. Soldering required (see product web page). 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 G2X TBI-Type Switching Adapter  G2X TBI-Type Switching Adapter
 This allows the GM TBI users who use 2732A 24-pin chips as their stock application to use a 29C256 or 27SF512 chip to hold multiple programs! Must be used in combination with the EX remote switch available separately. 
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 G5 Memory Adapter  G5 Memory Adapter
 This is to replace those 'BLUE' chip modules in your 6.5L GM PCMs. This way you can just replace the blue piece instead of prying the old chip loose or messing with a UV eraser. An HDR5 is available separately if you want to read those stock chips (see product listings). 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 G6 Adapter for Commodore/Holden  G6 Adapter for Commodore/Holden
 For many GM/Holden applications, this adapter will allow you to use the AM29F040 chip (C3) to contain your 128k calibrations. Up to 4 switchable programs with separate rotary switch and cable. Can also be used as an adapter to the Ostrich emulator. This unit REPLACES the stock memcal. 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 GP1 Package: GM Adapter with 2 chips  GP1 Package: GM Adapter with 2 chips
 This package is very popular. It comes with two 27SF512 chips, an 'S2' ZIF socket, and a G1 adapter! This is everything you need for TPI/etc chip adaptation. If you want different chips or different socket, just purchase the pieces separately from the other items listed. 
 $60.00  Buy Now 
 GX Switching Adapter for 28-Pin Sockets  GX Switching Adapter for 28-Pin Sockets
 This adapter snaps right down into a 28-pin socket that usually accepts a 29C256 or 27SF512 and allows you to switch among 8 or 16 different programs! Requires the EX remote switch and a C3 AM29F040 chip. 
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 Hardware from Nemu package  Hardware from Nemu package
 16-bit Nissan emulation board. 
 $275.00  Buy Now 
 HDR1 Memcal Header  HDR1 Memcal Header
 Use this adapter to read the 'stock' binary from your TPI-style Memcal. Plugs into your 'stock' P4-style Memcals. Allows you to download your original 'factory' chip contents directly using a chip programmer/reader like the BURN1 or APU1. Very durable, and designed for repeated use. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 HDR5 Diesel Pin Header  HDR5 Diesel Pin Header
 This is basically an inverted G5 adapter. This piece allows you to 'read' or 'reprogram' (with appropriate chip programmer/eraser) those 'BLUE' chip modules from the GM 6.5L Diesel applications. A replacement chip adapter (G5) is available separately. 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 HDR6 Memcal Readout Header  HDR6 Memcal Readout Header
 For many GM/Holden applications that have a 32-pin EPROM with 128k file, this device can be used to retrieve the 'stock' calibration without damaging the memcal. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 Honda EngineSim V3  Honda EngineSim V3
 Device for bench testing Honda OBD1 ECUs. 
 Innovate Analog Output Cable - P/N: 3730 - #3730  Innovate Analog Output Cable - P/N: 3730 - #3730
 6-ft. long, mini to stripped-and-tinned, matching LM-1 analog output spcifications. The cable has (2) Analog Outputs 0-5 volts that are fully programmable with the LM-1 software. **Accessory for LM-1 ONLY** 
 $8.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate Cable (Male 2.5 to Male 2.5) 4 ft. - P/N: 3760 - #3760  Innovate Cable (Male 2.5 to Male 2.5) 4 ft. - P/N: 3760 - #3760
 This custom cable will allow you to connect and/or daisy chain the following products: XD-16, LC-1, LMA-3, DL-32, SSI-4, TC-4, & ST-12. Also used to connect the LM-1 to the XD-16. 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate Cable (Male 2.5 to Male 2.5) 6 inch - P/N: 3789 - #3789  Innovate Cable (Male 2.5 to Male 2.5) 6 inch - P/N: 3789 - #3789
 This custom cable will allow you to connect and/or daisy chain the following products: XD-16, LC-1, LMA-3, DL-32, SSI-4, TC-4, & ST-12. Also used to connect the LM-1 to the XD-16. 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate DB-Red Gauge - P/N: 3794 - #3794  Innovate DB-Red Gauge - P/N: 3794 - #3794
 **Gauge Only** This gauge can be purchased as an accessory to be used with the LC-1 or LM-1. These kits includes the DB Gauge, mounting hardware, CD and quick-start guide. 
 $79.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate Exhaust Clamp - P/N: 3728 - #3728  Innovate Exhaust Clamp - P/N: 3728 - #3728
 Patent-pending, Venturi-effect, tapped exhaust clamp for obtaining accurate lambda measurements in non-cat autos or other engines. 
 $79.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate LM-2 Analog I/O Cable - P/N: 3811 - #3811  Innovate LM-2 Analog I/O Cable - P/N: 3811 - #3811
 Analog Input and Output Accessory Cable for LM-2 (Needed for RPM Input). 
 $29.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate LM-2 Sensor Cable (8 ft.) - P/N: 3810 - #3810  Innovate LM-2 Sensor Cable (8 ft.) - P/N: 3810 - #3810
 Replacement 8ft Sensor Cable. Included in LM-2 kits. 
 $49.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate Serial Program Cable (LC-1, XD-1, LMA-3) - P/N: 3746  Innovate Serial Program Cable (LC-1, XD-1, LMA-3) - P/N: 3746
 The Serial Program Cable will allow you to connect any of the following devices to your PC. (LC-1, XD-16, LMA-3, DL-32, SSI-4, TC-4) 
 $15.00  Buy Now 
 Innovate Terminator Plug - P/N: 3750 - #3750  Innovate Terminator Plug - P/N: 3750 - #3750
 Serial "Terminator Plug" replacement, for use with XD-16, LMA-3, LC-1, and DL-32. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 Installation Service for non-Honda ECUs  Installation Service for non-Honda ECUs
 This is a service we offer for 'chipping' your ECU. We do NOT chip or install any of the Honda ECUs anymore, all that work is being referred to our partners at Xenocron, so check for details. 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter USA-19HS  Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter USA-19HS
 This is one of the best USB to serial adapters available. Works great with the TunerCat OBD2 cable. 
 $37.00  Buy Now 
 LM-2 OBD-II Cable - P/N: 3809 - #3809  LM-2 OBD-II Cable - P/N: 3809 - #3809
 OBD-II / CAN Interface Accessory Cable for LM-2. 
 $29.00  Buy Now 
 Mini-USB 2.0: Male A to Mini-B 5 pin 6ft with Ferrite Core  Mini-USB 2.0: Male A to Mini-B 5 pin 6ft with Ferrite Core
 6ft Mini USB Cable. Male A to Mini-B 5 Pin with Ferrite Core 
 $4.00  Buy Now 
 Moates.Net Stickers  Moates.Net Stickers
 Show your pride in the DIY approach! 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 Moates.Net Tire Gauge  Moates.Net Tire Gauge
 Show your support of the DIY community with a Moates.Net Tire Gauge. Laser engraved with the Moates.Net logo. Hopefully this will also serve as a reminder that EFI tuning is no replacement for good general maintenance! 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 NEMU+Nismotronic Tuning Package  NEMU+Nismotronic Tuning Package
 The Nemu Tuning Package is the most powerful option available for Nissan tuning! This includes everything (hardware, software, custom rom) in one convenient package. 
 $550.00  Buy Now 
 Neptune Software for Demons  Neptune Software for Demons
 Do you have a Demon and you're thinking about trying or switching over to Neptune? For just $150, you'll be up to speed! The NepTune tuning software is compatible with your existing Demon hardware. Together, this is arguably the best solution out there for an enthusiast looking to tune their own car. 
 $150.00  Buy Now 
 Neptune/Demon Bluetooth Module Add-on (backordered until at least July!)  Neptune/Demon Bluetooth Module Add-on (backordered until at least July!)
 This Bluetooth module has been thoroughly tested and pre-configured for direct plug-n-play use with the new Neptune/Demon2 package combo! Compatible with the Android TunerView application as well as PC-based Neptune tuning and logging communications. First revision includes labeled 12" 4-pin attachment cable and shrink-protected ECU/Demon-side Bluetooth dongle. Also compatible with other devices by simply re-pinning the cable end, but comes ready to roll for Neptune/Demon2 RTP. Second revision comes ready to plug directly into 4 pin header on your favorite tuning device. 
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 Nissan 2-Chip Adapter  Nissan 2-Chip Adapter
 This adapter allows you to connect to a 2x20 IDC pin header in a Nissan ECU. It accepts two 27SF512 chips (available separately here as the C2 chips). Can also be used with two Ostriches for realtime capability. With this adapter, you program both chips with the same full code, no odd/even splitting needed. 
 $50.00  Buy Now 
 Nissan 2Chip-64k  Nissan 2Chip-64k
 If your Nissan computer uses a 64k bin file with a 20x2 header, this is the board for you. 94-97 model years typical. 
 $65.00  Buy Now 
 Nissan 2x20 Header  Nissan 2x20 Header
 Nissan 20x2 Double Row header. Used for install of the Nissan 2 Chip board. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 NTE2368 Style Transistor for Q101 (pack of 5)  NTE2368 Style Transistor for Q101 (pack of 5)
 NTE2368-Style Transistor is used in the VTEC conversion of Honda ECUs in location Q101. We are currently supplying the R4305 Transistor as a direct drop in replacement for this part. Sold in packs of 5. 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 O-Meter  O-Meter
 This is a sweet item! Check out the documentation to understand what all this unit can do! Does AFR/Lambda/Universal display, data storage, etc. Check the pull-downs for combo offers with other wideband products for great savings! 
 $69.00  Buy Now 
 Optoisolator  Optoisolator
 This item can be used to tackle super-noisy environments where normal USB connections get 'kicked off' of the PC port. Fully isolated in terms of both signal AND power/ground, this unit connects to any 4-pin 5v TTL data port. Such a port is included on our QH1/2, APU1, Demon1/2, Ostrich2, Nemu1/2, and others. 
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 Program Cable (MTX series gauges, LM-2, LC-2, SCG-1, PSB-1, and PSN-1.) - P/N: 3840 - #3840  Program Cable (MTX series gauges, LM-2, LC-2, SCG-1, PSB-1, and PSN-1.) - P/N: 3840 - #3840
 The Serial Program Cable will allow you to connect the MTX series gauges, LM-2, LC-2 SCG-1, PSB-1, and PSN-1 to your PC. 
 $16.00  Buy Now 
 PWM EGR Boost Control for eCTune and S300  PWM EGR Boost Control for eCTune and S300
 This kit allows you to use the boost control feature available in tuning software packages such as eCtune and Hondata S300 Compatible with all OBD I Civic and Integra ECUs. 
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 Q26 and Q37 - D1423/C2785 Transistor (pack of 4)  Q26 and Q37 - D1423/C2785 Transistor (pack of 4)
 D1423/C2785 Transistors are used in the VTEC conversion of ECUs. It is used in the conversion of 1720 ECUs in location Q26 and 1980 ECUs in location Q26 and Q37. Sold in packs of 4. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 R54 - 1k Ohm Resistor (pack of 10)  R54 - 1k Ohm Resistor (pack of 10)
 R54 is a 1k Ohm Resistor 1/6W used in the conversion of Honda ECUs. Sold in Packs of 10. 
 $1.00  Buy Now 
 Replacement Breakout Box  Replacement Breakout Box
 This is a replacement analog breakout box originally included with the Nismotronic package. You do NOT need to order this unless you have lost or damaged the box originally included. This is the V2 box which includes protection circuitry for the ADCs and onboard selectable pull-ups.

This item includes RJ45 cable for connection to NEMU hardware, breakout box and screwdriver for tightening terminal blocks. 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 RM11 Replacement Kit  RM11 Replacement Kit
 Replacement for the RM11 Resistor network found in Honda 1720 boards. 
 $3.00  Buy Now 
 RMA Return Service  RMA Return Service
 If you need to send us an item to be repaired or replaced, please use this option. Send your return items to:
16848 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
   Buy Now 
 RoadRunner Extension Cables: EMUC44PSOP  RoadRunner Extension Cables: EMUC44PSOP
 This is a pair of cables (two required due to polarity!) which allow you to connect the Roadrunner remotely from the ECU. It essentially provides an extension from the emulator board to the PSOP44 header (both available separately). We have 2", 4", and 6". So, you can have lengths of 2+2=4 up to 6+6=12. The shorter is better for low latency and interference potential. Available total length is 4",6",8",10",12". Let us know what you want in the comments section of your order! 
 $30.00  Buy Now 
 RoadRunner LS1 Realtime Emulation PCM  RoadRunner LS1 Realtime Emulation PCM
 This is the 512k 12200411 PCM-based RoadRunner, which is a replacement PCM that allows realtime tuning for the LS1 PCMs. It works with the 1999-2002 F-Body LS1 setups as well as many of the 2000+ V8 trucks. 
 $599.00  Buy Now 
 Roadrunner-DIY: "Guts" Kit  Roadrunner-DIY: "Guts" Kit
 This is JUST the Roadrunner 16-Bit Emulator, installation header, internal standoffs, and USB cable. If you're dead-set on installing it in your own PCM, then this is what you want. Weatherproofing not included. 
 $489.00  Buy Now 
 Roadrunner-DIY: Solder-on Extra Emulation Header  Roadrunner-DIY: Solder-on Extra Emulation Header
 This is an extra solder-on header which goes in place of your PSOP44 flash chip that is removed during the Roadrunner self-install process. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 Roadrunner-Install: PCM Conversion Service  Roadrunner-Install: PCM Conversion Service
 If you want to use your own PCM and are getting the Roadrunner Guts Kit but aren't comfortable desoldering and installing SMD PSOP components, then this is for you. 
 $120.00  Buy Now 
 S1 Aries 24-pin ZIF Socket  S1 Aries 24-pin ZIF Socket
 High-quality socket for easy chip-swaps on 2732A applications. If you really want to stick with the 2732A chips, then use this socket. Good for making chip swaps a breeze for early-model GM TBI systems that used the 2732A chip. You'll still need to desolder the existing GM socket and solder either this or a 'base' D1 socket in. Very durable socket, makes good contacts with chip. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 S2 Aries 28-pin ZIF Socket  S2 Aries 28-pin ZIF Socket
 Very durable 28-pin ZIF socket. With this socket installed, you'll be able to switch chips in and out of your G1 adapter or other application very quickly and easily! Heavy-duty construction, very good contact with pins. Great for emulation interfacing! For use with 29C256/27C128/27C256/27SF512/27C512 type systems. Package GP1 comes with this socket already. Goes well with a G2 adapter as well. This socket will not clearance some of the Honda ECUs, so we recommend the low profile S4 for those applications. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 S2G Custom-cut Aries ZIF  S2G Custom-cut Aries ZIF
 This is basically an S2 socket that has been ground down on one side. You will want to use this when mounting into a Honda ECU or when mounting to a G2X switcher. 
 $12.00  Buy Now 
 S3 Aries 32-pin ZIF Socket  S3 Aries 32-pin ZIF Socket
 Strong 32-pin ZIF socket. Great for G3 switcher adapter. For use with 29F040 chips (primarily for switcher applications). 
 $11.00  Buy Now 
 S4 Aries 28-pin Low-Profile ZIF  S4 Aries 28-pin Low-Profile ZIF
 This fits in where the S2 can't. Not as durable, but handy. Good for quick chip swaps. Not that great for emulation header interfacing, but can be made to work. Similar to the S2, but it's blue and has a shorter height for better clearance. Good for Hondas. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 SideSaddle  SideSaddle
 Used to mount the Quarterhorse (or other J3 device) externally instead of inside the ECU. Useful for shops or tuners to avoid clearancing issues inside the ECU. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 SK5151 High Side Switch  SK5151 High Side Switch
 The SK5151 High Side Switch for VTEC conversions 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 Socket Booster 1.0  Socket Booster 1.0
 The SocketBooster improves the signal conditioning at your chip or emulation socket. This is an active circuit which boosts the address and data information to and from your target ECU. Please note: The socket booster is REQUIRED for successful use of the Ostrich 2.0 with 24-pin applications such as the GM TBI OBD1 C3 1227747 ECUs. 
 $40.00  Buy Now 
 TunerPro RT V5  TunerPro RT V5
 TunerPro RT v5 covers all of the capabilities of the V4 software, as well as many new features including support for the Quarterhorse with Ford datalogging. Advanced ADX configuration and plug-in support opens new doors for communications flexibility. This highly configurable software supports MANY vehicles including GMOBD1, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Porsche, and others. 
 $39.00  Buy Now 
 TunerView Demon Interface Box  TunerView Demon Interface Box
 This device will allow you to safely connect a TunerView display interface to the Demon. Comes with all cables and wiring needed. It has provisions for separate 12v power supply and provides full optoisolation for zero interference operation. PLEASE NOTE! Different 4-pin cable pinouts are required for the Demon1 and Demon2 attachment, so please select the desired connection when purchasing via pulldown option. 
 $35.00  Buy Now 
 TunerView II LCD Dash Kit  TunerView II LCD Dash Kit
 This device can be used to display data from a variety of applications such as Honda OBD1 (NepTune, Crome, eCtune, Hondata), Ford (via QuarterHorse and BinaryEditor, A9L/GUFB tested), GM (via AutoProm or new ALDLink interface, $8D tested). PC-side configuration software included, with free updates. 
 $139.00   $139.00 
 Tunerview RD1  Tunerview RD1
 The RD 1 is now available!!! Install It Anywhere In Your Dash, Cluster, Or Any Other Spot You Can Think Of. Includes TunerView Unit, Barrel Power Connector With Bare Leads (Power And Ground), USB Cable, Data Cable, 4 Screws/Nuts, Buttons With Quick Attach Plugs 
 $299.00   $299.00 
 USB 2.0 Cable A-B 6 ft  USB 2.0 Cable A-B 6 ft
 USB 2.0 Cable, black, 6 feet long, A-B male, plugs into your PC on one end, and into a USB device such as the BURN1 or APU1 on the other end. Good as a spare or replacement, or for other USB stuff. 
 $4.00  Buy Now 
 USB 2.0 Mini-B to Std-B Bulkhead Cable Kit  USB 2.0 Mini-B to Std-B Bulkhead Cable Kit
 This 1-foot cable works well with the QuarterHorse and the Demon, both of which mount internally inside the ECU and are connected with mini-B USB. By creating a Standard-B socket outboard, you can provide a robust, permanent installation free from risk of pulling the device loose from the ECU. It also provides an ideal disconnect point (glovebox, under dash, etc) so that you can easily reach the connection point and keep things low-profile. Comes with 2 ferrite beads to help reduce noise on the cables and a regular USB. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 USB Driver  USB Driver
 To download and install the USB drivers needed to use our USB-based products, please click on this link for more information. 
 USB Lighted 6ft Cable  USB Lighted 6ft Cable
 This is actually useful in the automotive tuning environment. Blue LEDs serve to light your work area! USB 2.0 compatible, and works with all Moates.Net USB stuff. 
 $6.00  Buy Now 
 VTEC-11F0 Conversion Kit  VTEC-11F0 Conversion Kit
 VTEC Conversion Kit for Honda ECU Board 11F0 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 VTEC-1720 Conversion Kit  VTEC-1720 Conversion Kit
 This is a VTEC Conversion kit for the Honda 1720 Board 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 VTEC-1980 Conversion Kit  VTEC-1980 Conversion Kit
 VTEC Conversion kit for Honda 1980 board 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
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