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'F3v2' Ford Memory Adapter


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[5/5]: Willie Lynch, 04/11/2018
Rock solid reliable
[5/5]: Sammy Cuaderno Jr, 09/25/2015
BEST chip out there. Fit directly on the j3 port of your PCM. IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you CLEAN OFF THE GOOEY COATING. Take your time, make sure you unplug the battery, so you dont zap you circuit. It takes time to clean off so be patient and cautious.
[5/5]: Ben Williams, 09/05/2015
Very nice piece! Thanks for the super fast shipping!! Got the last piece yesterday. I was able to burn the chip from a BIN file, and test the car in just a few minutes!! Fits the factory board very precisely. No wiggle Awesome products and support!! Ben 95 Mark VIII
[5/5]: Benjamin Florence, 03/18/2014
only problem should come in 10 packs now everyone wants their mustang tuned
[5/5]: Tomi Halkola, 02/22/2013
I bought several, all worked fine.
[4/5]: Craig Moates, 01/15/2013
If you have any questions about these adapters, just let us know.
[5/5]: Bradley Young, 01/15/2013
Completely changed my turbo setup, instead of running with timing retarded at the dizzy i was able to leave it at stock and adjust in the tune = great success.
[5/5]: Daryl Temple, 03/09/2011
I have bought a couple of these. Rock solid works great. Craig is great to work with and the product is definitely the best bang for the buck. Looking at buying another one soon.
[5/5]: Brian Smith, 01/22/2009
By far the best tuning chip around. Had problems with a tweecer not working right. Could not get a hold of tweecer. I sold my tweecer bought the Moates chip and have never looked back Craig is a great person to deal with. Very helpful. I give it 10 stars out of 5
[5/5]: Jaysen Anderson, 10/01/2008
Works very well on my Australian EECV 5ltr Falcon. It has been tested on several Aussie EECV's bot 6 & 8 cylinders, and performs faultlessly. Ive done a lot of tuning with this, and makes a great addition to your Ostrich/Emu setup
[5/5]: Matthew Puzey, 01/03/2007
This chip system works great on EEC-IV systems, and clears all of the components on the 93 and earlier EEC-IV boards. The memory part is socketed, not soldered as shown in the picture, so it can be removed for programming with a Pocket Programmer II or similar device if that is your preference. Sometimes you have to cut the notch in the ECU lid a little wider to ensure that there is no contact between the module and the lid, but this is pretty common with Ford chip systems. I've very much enjoyed dealing with Craig - his product is good, service is prompt, the price is right, and he is quick to answer any e-mail questions.
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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