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Tuning Solutions for the Modern Gearhead
When using the 2Timer to switch between two 32k programs, you will want to program the chip directly (not through the 2Timer). Assuming you are using the 27SF512 chip, you can program two positions. 1) First, insert the 27SF512 chip into the BURN1 programmer and erase it followed by a blank check. 2) Load the first program from file to the buffer of the FlashBurn program. 3) For the first program (switch open to select), program the chip using chip addressing of 8000-FFFF, buffer addressing of 0000-7FFF. After the programming cycle, perform a verify step. 4) Load the second program from file to the buffer. 5) For the second program (switch wire grounded), use chip addressing 0000-7FFF and the same buffer addressing as before. Again, verify after this step. That's it! You can switch the wire to ground to select the 'lower' chip addressing location.

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