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Tools for Datalogging and Reflashing

We have datalogging tools for Honda, GM, and Ford. We also have reflash tools for the GM OBD2. Please note that there are several variations of the items listed here available elsewhere on the site, so have a look around in the 'Shop by Vehicle' areas also!
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 "WinFLASH" : TunerCat Cable and Reflash Software for RTOBD2 users  "WinFLASH" : TunerCat Cable and Reflash Software for RTOBD2 users
 If you're using the RoadRunner with TunerCat's RTOBD2 option, you can purchase this add-on software and cable to allow you to reflash PCMs with the calibrations you have already developed using RTOBD2 software. 
 $280.00  Buy Now 
 'ALDU1 and CABL1'  'ALDU1 and CABL1'
 This is for any pre-1995 (OBD1) GM vehicle. Everything except the 1995 LT1. You should be able to datalog all of them, and reflash the 94 LT1 as well. Comes with XtremeALDL and NewCABL1 (RJ45/Moates-specific new style). There's a switch on the side which allows you to select 10k (across pins A&B of ALDL) or 'Open' mode. You use the 10k mode for older TBI and TPI setups, and the 'Open' for newer Speed density and LT1 stuff. This item can be used with TunerPro RT, TTS Datamaster, TunerCat reflash for LT1, WinALDL, and EFI Live V4(OBD1). 
 $80.00  Buy Now 
 'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version  'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version
 Does everything in one package, one USB-based device! USB-powered, so no power supply needed. Chip burning/reading, datalogging, and realtime emulation. Performs ALDL communications at 160/8192 baud, programs AT29C256 and 27SF512 chips. Has 3-channel 0-5v 10-bit A/D provision fpr wideband and other datalogging. Includes AutoProm device, 28-pin 18-inch emulation cable, OBD1-style ALDL cable CABL1, 6-ft USB cable, 2x 27SF512 chip, and Mark Mansur's TunerPro RT5 software license. PLEASE READ through product documentation to understand some of the features of this all-in-one, datalogging, realtime emulation tuning, and chip burning hardware. This item is for OBD1 GM vehicles ONLY.  It is not for Hondas, Nissans, Fords, BMWs or other cars.  If you are not sure whether this unit is the right choice for you, please email support prior to purchase. 
 $329.00  Buy Now 
 'Demon2'  'Demon2'
 The Demon 2 is the latest in our line of Honda/Acura-friendly technology. Flawless realtime emulation, embedded datalogging without a laptop, auxiliary inputs. This device is intended to be permanently installed in USDM ECUs. Gives all the power of the Ostrich, Hulog, RTP, and other products into one, and more. Full native compatibility with Crome, Neptune, eCTune, TunerPro, and others. USDM/EDM large case ECUs only! DOES NOT FIT JDM/small case ECUs! 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 'QuarterHorse' for Fords  'QuarterHorse' for Fords
 For a price of $249, the QuarterHorse delivers in unparalleled fashion. It gives you absolute, bumpless, 100% realtime tuning AND realtime datalogging for all EEC-IV and EEC-V through 2004. It also lets you read stock EEC boxes to establish a starter tune. The QH plugs into the J3 port like a chip, but its capabilities are stunning. You can change ANY parameter while the vehicle is running without disturbing operation. You can log ANY parameter in RAM from the EEC-IV and V at sample rates well over 1,000 frames per second through the same mini USB cable (no OBD cable needed). All necessary cabling is included, but software is needed separately. 
 $249.00  Buy Now 
 'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface'  'Xtreme HULOG Honda USB Datalog Interface'
 With this device (an abridged/modified version of the ALDU1), you can perform datalogging on your Honda ECU using USB as your PC interface. Comes with converter box, USB cable, 4-pin CN2 port latching header, and a cable to go from the box to your 4-pin header on the ECU. Check the documentation section for an installation guide. 
 $35.00  Buy Now 
 O-Meter  O-Meter
 This is a sweet item! Check out the documentation to understand what all this unit can do! Does AFR/Lambda/Universal display, data storage, etc. Check the pull-downs for combo offers with other wideband products for great savings! 
 $69.00  Buy Now 
 SuperLogger  SuperLogger
 Designed initially to add a few channels of information to some of our other devices, the SuperLogger was forged in the very crucible of Feature Creep Island.

This device can be used for a wide variety of applications. It has the following features and capabilities:

- UARTs (2x) for moderated communication up to 921.6k.
- Both master (PC/USB/TTL/etc) and slave (QH/TTL/etc). Passthrough communication via SW/FW or with HW option switch.
- Public control protocols for setup packets, inter-byte latency, variable baud rates, adjustable data frame rates, etc.
- Can be used as standalone 'black-box' logger in the absence of a slave UART device.
- Analog inputs (8x, 0-5v), 1/3 gain option switch on Ch0-Ch1 for 0-15v ranges.
- Thermofuse-protected reference voltages available (3.3v, 5v) via 6-30v supply.
- Accelerometer: 14-bit 3-axis, optimized for 50 Hz acquisition.
- Onboard storage: 32Mbit of data with compression and a variety of logging controls.
- Realtime clock: Battery-backed with .01s resolution for date/time stamping of data packets.
- Frequency input: 1x for digestion of RPM, driveshaft/wheel speed, etc.
- PWM outputs: 2x channels with adjustable frequency and duty cycle, programmable response pattern.
- Form factor: similar to Ostrich with detachable screw terminal block for compact portability.
- Directly compatible with Bluetooth modules: can be fully isolated from both UARTs via paired sets.
- Fully supported via TunerPro RT. Additional support with BE and TunerView for select applications.
- Daisychain support via slave protocols for more data via additional SL units.
- Advanced logic options for auto-adjusting attached emulator contents vs select input conditions.
- Auxiliary TWI/I2C port for interfacing with additional devices (DAC, extra ADC, GPS).
- Future expansion possible via uSD, auxiliary modules, etc.

Supported applications so far include the following:
- Standalone/blackbox operation with TunerProRT.
- GUFB, CBAZA via QH with TunerProRT, Binary Editor, and TunerView.
- Various GMOBD1 via ALDL-Link or APU1 and TunerProRT.

Coming soon:
- Honda with Demon or HULOG on CN2 via Neptune and TunerView.
- SR20 with Nemu via Nismotronic.
- Various additional EEC-IV/V via QH.
- Evolving protocols and designs based on feedback.
 $195.00  Buy Now 
 TunerView II LCD Dash Kit  TunerView II LCD Dash Kit
 This device can be used to display data from a variety of applications such as Honda OBD1 (NepTune, Crome, eCtune, Hondata), Ford (via QuarterHorse and BinaryEditor, A9L/GUFB tested), GM (via AutoProm or new ALDLink interface, $8D tested). PC-side configuration software included, with free updates. 
 $139.00   $139.00 
 Tunerview RD1  Tunerview RD1
 The RD 1 is now available!!! Install It Anywhere In Your Dash, Cluster, Or Any Other Spot You Can Think Of. Includes TunerView Unit, Barrel Power Connector With Bare Leads (Power And Ground), USB Cable, Data Cable, 4 Screws/Nuts, Buttons With Quick Attach Plugs 
 $299.00   $299.00 
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