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Individual Chips and Socket parts:

A collection of chips and sockets, including active extenders and boosters, for use in your applications.
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 Socket Booster 1.0  Socket Booster 1.0
 The SocketBooster improves the signal conditioning at your chip or emulation socket. This is an active circuit which boosts the address and data information to and from your target ECU. Please note: The socket booster is REQUIRED for successful use of the Ostrich 2.0 with 24-pin applications such as the GM TBI OBD1 C3 1227747 ECUs. 
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 S4 Aries 28-pin Low-Profile ZIF  S4 Aries 28-pin Low-Profile ZIF
 This fits in where the S2 can't. Not as durable, but handy. Good for quick chip swaps. Not that great for emulation header interfacing, but can be made to work. Similar to the S2, but it's blue and has a shorter height for better clearance. Good for Hondas. 
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 S3 Aries 32-pin ZIF Socket  S3 Aries 32-pin ZIF Socket
 Strong 32-pin ZIF socket. Great for G3 switcher adapter. For use with 29F040 chips (primarily for switcher applications). 
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 S2 Aries 28-pin ZIF Socket  S2 Aries 28-pin ZIF Socket
 Very durable 28-pin ZIF socket. With this socket installed, you'll be able to switch chips in and out of your G1 adapter or other application very quickly and easily! Heavy-duty construction, very good contact with pins. Great for emulation interfacing! For use with 29C256/27C128/27C256/27SF512/27C512 type systems. Package GP1 comes with this socket already. Goes well with a G2 adapter as well. This socket will not clearance some of the Honda ECUs, so we recommend the low profile S4 for those applications. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 S1 Aries 24-pin ZIF Socket  S1 Aries 24-pin ZIF Socket
 High-quality socket for easy chip-swaps on 2732A applications. If you really want to stick with the 2732A chips, then use this socket. Good for making chip swaps a breeze for early-model GM TBI systems that used the 2732A chip. You'll still need to desolder the existing GM socket and solder either this or a 'base' D1 socket in. Very durable socket, makes good contacts with chip. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 Nissan 2x20 Header  Nissan 2x20 Header
 Nissan 20x2 Double Row header. Used for install of the Nissan 2 Chip board. 
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 Demon Pin Header Set  Demon Pin Header Set
 This is two of the replacement header pieces which come with the Demon. If you break a pin off of them, or if you lose them, this is what you want. 
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 D3 32-pin DIP Socket  D3 32-pin DIP Socket
 High-quality collet-pin machine-tooled socket. Great for mounting 32-pin chips such as the 29F040. Not a ZIF socket. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 D2 28-pin DIP Socket  D2 28-pin DIP Socket
 This high-quality machine-tooled collet-pin socket can be used to mount 28-pin devices. It is also great for putting on the end of an emulation cable to protect the cable and give a strong set of pins to put into the target device. Not a ZIF socket. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 D1 24-pin DIP socket  D1 24-pin DIP socket
 This socket is a high-quality, machine-tooled socket that can be used to mount 24-pin devices into. Not a ZIF socket. 
 $2.00  Buy Now 
 Chip Extender 1.0  Chip Extender 1.0
 This is an active-circuitry remote chip mounting solution. All address and data information is boosted, allowing chips to be mounted several feet (2-3) away from the target device! 
 $20.00  Buy Now 
 C4 AM29F040B-70JI PLCC32  C4 AM29F040B-70JI PLCC32
 This is good as a replacement for the memory chips in the F3 adapters, or if you need a 4mbit chip for some other 32-PLCC application. 
 $6.00  Buy Now 
 C3 AMD AM29F040B Chip  C3 AMD AM29F040B Chip
 MX 29F040PC-90 (DIP32 package) This monster can handle your multi-program binaries. Goes great with the G3 adapter. 4 megabit chip, can hold 16x 32k (730-type) or 8x 64k (95 TBI, etc) programs. 
 $6.00  Buy Now 
 C2 SST 27SF512 Chip  C2 SST 27SF512 Chip
 Works fine as a drop-in replacement for the AT29C256. These work great with the G1, G3, F1, etc. This is the max size for a 28-pin chip. When the C1 isn't big enough, such as Ford EEC-IV applications or later-model TBI GM systems, this chip will do the trick. 90ns flash drop-in replacement for 27C512 EPROMs. Make sure your programmer supports it, there's a funky programming erase voltage required (BURN1, APU1, or PocketProgrammer2 should be fine, APS1 is not). Works fine with 1227165, 1227730, and other similar ECMs. If your car normally takes a 27C128, 27C256, or 27C512, these should work for you. Just adjust the 'Start of Device' value when programming. (For 27C128 original, set to C000 hex. For 27C256 original, set to 8000 hex.) Due to very low supplies, we must limit orders to no more than 10 chips per customer. 
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 74HC373N Latching Chip  74HC373N Latching Chip
 THIS IS NOT A PROGRAMMABLE CHIP YOU CAN BURN! This a 20 pin 74HC373 latch chip that is part of the Honda Chip Kit. 
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 'F3v2' Ford Memory Adapter  'F3v2' Ford Memory Adapter
 This is the new version of the F3 chip module for pre-2005 EEC. Compatible with Jaybird and BURN2/FA with free 5.15.F firmware update. Supports 8-positions of 1/2/4-bank. Automatic PATS masking logic with manual jumpers for selective defeat. Full 256k read/write for scratchpad access. 
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