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A variety of cables:

Miscellaneous parts such as PC cables, PCMCIA cards, serial usb adapters, emulation cables, and more.
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 Belkin PCMCIA 2-Port USB Card  Belkin PCMCIA 2-Port USB Card
 This PCMCIA expansion card is perfect for a laptop that doesn't have USB. Just add this card, and you'll have two USB ports ready to go! Needs Win98 or better, and uses CardBus slot. 
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 DB9 Serial Cable 6 ft  DB9 Serial Cable 6 ft
 Nine-pin serial cable, DB9 on both ends, one male and the other female. Used as an extension or as a replacement for other cables. Stylish black color, 6 feet in length. If you need a serial cable, here it is! 
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 EMUC2806 Emulation Cable 28-pin 6-inch  EMUC2806 Emulation Cable 28-pin 6-inch
 Only 6" long, this is a 'shorty' version of the emulation cable. It could be useful where you want a close-coupled install without a bunch of unnecessary cabling. Also useful for noisier or sensitive applications where induced signal degradation can occur. 
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 EMUC2818 Emulation Cable 28-pin 18-inch  EMUC2818 Emulation Cable 28-pin 18-inch
 Same as cable length for emulation products, works as a spare or replacement. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 EMUC2836 Emulation Cable 28-pin 36-inch  EMUC2836 Emulation Cable 28-pin 36-inch
 This is a longer emulation cable. Works if you have a far reach to get to your target device. Can be less robust due to RF interference, but if you need extra length then here you go. Three feet long. 
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 EMUC3206 Emulation Cable 32-pin 6-Inch  EMUC3206 Emulation Cable 32-pin 6-Inch
 This is for 32-pin applications to interface with the Ostrich. This way you can take advantage of the Ostrich 4mbit abilities. It isn't a common practice, but this can give you the specialty abilities you might need for unusual applications. It's short, only 6", for close coupling. 
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 Ferrite Bead for 4.5mm USB Cable  Ferrite Bead for 4.5mm USB Cable
 You can add this to your USB cable to reduce RFI noise. If your USB device drops out connection from the PC while the car is running, this might be all you need! Snaps right onto existing USB cable. This one is for the thicker cables (4.5mm max), such as those included with the Ostrich, APU1, and bulkhead-cable kit used with QuarterHorses and Demons. 
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 Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter USA-19HS  Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter USA-19HS
 This is one of the best USB to serial adapters available. Works great with the TunerCat OBD2 cable. 
 $37.00  Buy Now 
 Mini-USB 2.0: Male A to Mini-B 5 pin 6ft with Ferrite Core  Mini-USB 2.0: Male A to Mini-B 5 pin 6ft with Ferrite Core
 6ft Mini USB Cable. Male A to Mini-B 5 Pin with Ferrite Core 
 $4.00  Buy Now 
 USB 2.0 Cable A-B 6 ft  USB 2.0 Cable A-B 6 ft
 USB 2.0 Cable, black, 6 feet long, A-B male, plugs into your PC on one end, and into a USB device such as the BURN1 or APU1 on the other end. Good as a spare or replacement, or for other USB stuff. 
 $4.00  Buy Now 
 USB 2.0 Mini-B to Std-B Bulkhead Cable Kit  USB 2.0 Mini-B to Std-B Bulkhead Cable Kit
 This 1-foot cable works well with the QuarterHorse and the Demon, both of which mount internally inside the ECU and are connected with mini-B USB. By creating a Standard-B socket outboard, you can provide a robust, permanent installation free from risk of pulling the device loose from the ECU. It also provides an ideal disconnect point (glovebox, under dash, etc) so that you can easily reach the connection point and keep things low-profile. Comes with 2 ferrite beads to help reduce noise on the cables and a regular USB. 
 $9.00  Buy Now 
 USB Lighted 6ft Cable  USB Lighted 6ft Cable
 This is actually useful in the automotive tuning environment. Blue LEDs serve to light your work area! USB 2.0 compatible, and works with all Moates.Net USB stuff. 
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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products) Result Pages:  1 

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