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C2 SST 27SF512 Chip


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[5/5]: Joel Enriquez, 03/26/2018
we have good result using this product
[5/5]: Joel Enriquez, 03/26/2018
We have result using this chip
[5/5]: Harry Cancel, 10/13/2016
[5/5]: Dylan Raguseo, 06/19/2016
These chips are always great.
[5/5]: Dexter White, 09/15/2015
I am order more of these little gems today. Awesome product. NOT EBAY KNOCKOFFS!
[5/5]: Michael Smith, 07/29/2015
Purchased two of these chip for obvious reasons and both chips work flawlessly. Both have been erased/programed/read over 50-75 times each with no issues
[5/5]: Michael Miller, 05/15/2015
They always have the real Chips. I have never received a Bad or Fake chip from them
[5/5]: Luis Fernando Aguilar, 03/10/2015
[5/5]: Cap Weir, 07/02/2014
Yep.. Works great. Used on a 300ZX 8 Bit ECU. No issues. Don't forget the $C000 Offset!
[5/5]: Peter Jerry, 11/19/2013
Great product!!!!
[5/5]: Johnny Adams, 08/24/2013
Great service, I have a Moates Burn 1 and the early Ostrich and have used them both in a professional business for over 5 years, no breakdowns or weird behavior. Bought chips from Xenocron when needed also excellent service from them. highly recommended.
[5/5]: Noe Suarez, 04/08/2013
AWESOME! In fact I came back to buy some more!
[5/5]: Laurent Tardif, 02/10/2012
very good
[5/5]: Robert Saar, 08/10/2009
Using TunerPro RT, you don't even have to worry about dealing with the offsets. these chips are rated for around 1000 write/erase cycles and have a flash retention of around 100 years. in other words, these things work great, so long as they don't get hit with static
[5/5]: Heath Rasmusson, 02/09/2007
This is a Great Chip!!! I re-burn mine every day to get the Best tune possible! Thanks!!!
[5/5]: Kevin Dinsmoor, 04/19/2005
This is a very reliable chip that will program over & over without any problems, it's capaicty is amazing. Support and documentation is second to none.
[5/5]: Robert Owens, 04/18/2005
I Have Purchased Many Of These Chips From Craig. They All Work Execellently, And You Can't Beat The Price.
Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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