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'BURN2 Chip Programmer'


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[1/5]: Brian Cheshire, 01/03/2019
[5/5]: David Olson, 10/11/2018
words can not describe the thanks i have for products like these. i build Ef's & Da's i own 4 Ef's two are boosted, 2 Da's one is rhd. thanks to these products i can do everything myself. i have had no issues with the burn2 unit it works every time but the latch seems to smack a bit hard if released at it's top position so i have been making sure i close it with a finger under it which seems to work out just fine
[4/5]: Alan Roncal Portilla, 10/17/2016
Hi I'm from Peru. I want to buy the Burn 2. Could you send me the quote or proforma BURN2. Indicate number of your bank account for the deposit of money, rather than pick indocar product. My bulking agent who is sent to Peru DHL product. Please indicate email to write to you. Alan Roncal. Regards.
[5/5]: Josh Pfaff, 08/28/2016
Great product!! Was delivered before expected, nice packaging, even came with a sticker and pen! Its the little things sometime, lets you know your valued. Very pleased with product and service. A++
[5/5]: Willie Perry, 05/02/2016
This BURN2 programmer is awesome. Easy to use and easy to understand.
[5/5]: J. Solomon Kostelnik, 01/02/2016
An indispensable little device! The built-in USB makes it compatible with all recent PCs. Very handy to carry around, and not get in the way of laptops/tuning equipment when inside vehicles. Works great with Flash & Burn or with TunerCat's latest Tuner updates that have chip reading/writing built-in.
[5/5]: Dexter White, 09/15/2015
GET IT! 3400 swap cavalier with 4t60 tranny. My stuff is running fine.
[5/5]: Sammy Cuaderno Jr, 09/13/2015
AWESOME. If you had to think about it, then you wasted your time thinking! Shipping was super fast. Product brand new and made with quality and care. When i had a question or ran into a problem, moates customer service was on the money. Worth the money time and effort. You WILL NOT get a burner that is cheaper anywhere else. These guys actually try to save you money and help you out! BUY. I will be a customer forever! DO NOT HESITATE!!! BUY NOW!
[5/5]: Ben Williams, 09/05/2015
Very nice piece! Thanks for the super fast shipping!! Got the last piece yesterday. I was able to read my factory ECM, burn a chip from a BIN file, and test the car in just a few minutes!! Awesome products and support!! Ben 95 Mark VIII
[5/5]: Michael Smith, 07/29/2015
Works great it has read, programmed and erased atleast over 100 times in 4days with no issues.
[5/5]: Jonno Fowler, 03/24/2015
By far the most intuitive chip programmer on the market by a long shot. Solid reliability and easy to use. Highly recommended!
[5/5]: Benjamin Florence, 03/18/2014
works awesome
[5/5]: Scott Hansen, 10/31/2013
I have been using a Power programmer 2 for many years. I recently updated to a newer PC without a parallel port. Bought the Burn 2 for a 1/3 of the price and had it up and running in a few minutes. I had to download the software: -
I'm already familiar with hex addressing, so it was a breeze. Thanks to all at Moates who finally got me away from my P3 933.
[1/5]: Rhett Crawford, 09/11/2013
I bought this Burn2 from Xeoncron and I CAN NOT get it to work. Crome recognizes it and says its good to go and when I write a chip it says""BURN FAIL" ROM verification failed" Please check the EPROM for proper connection."" I've tried EVERTHING over and over again to fix it (all the website to walk you through the steps to set up the burn2). and read and and forum after forum. Even tried it on my other computer. I even called Xeoncron and they said they could email Moates for me but I guess ill just try to see what I can do through Moates customer service myself...very very frustrating. I guess my first question before I do anything further.... IS THE BURN 2 COMPATABLE WITH WINDOWS 8???? if not then there's my problem. :/ -Rhett Crawford
[5/5]: Chad Colburn, 09/03/2013
works great and easy to use.
[5/5]: Eric Champion, 08/22/2013
I had a issue with Crome not working with the Burn2 I just purchased. I sent an e-mail to the tech help and in less than 1hr they replied and got me up and going. (FYI Crome was the issue not the Burn2). They suggested to save the bin from Crome and try their Flash and Burn program and it worked like a charm. Great customer service.
[2/5]: Silvio Rafael Dinamarca Salas, 08/10/2013
con ganas de ocupar burn 2 pero es complicado no lo e podido ocupar por que no tengo mapeos no hay algo que explique bien como se usa con tuner pro rt v5 el registro lo compre tambien todavia no lo mandan o no haa llegado al correo de la orden gracias .
[5/5]: Elviz Guerero, 03/05/2013
good service thk
[5/5]: Jonno Fowler, 02/13/2013
I had two Willem Programmers fail before I purchased my Burn2. To say it is great piece of hardware is an understatement. It is very simple and rock solid reliable! I use mine specifically for 27C256 and SST27sf512 EPROMS and have never encountered a problem. A very sharp price for such a reliable tool ... Well done Moates!
[5/5]: Dustin Legan, 04/26/2012
Bought one of these and it didn't work. I called Craig and he shipped me out a new one. I have been using it for OVER 2 years now and it is still working flawlessly! It is easy to use and very fast. Burns chips in just a couple seconds. (im using CROME free) Have tuned many cars with this and would recommend to any one. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!
[5/5]: Radames J Ten, 04/23/2012
Awesome Tool to have if your burning for your own self or making a couple of bucks on your buddies. :)
[5/5]: Mike Rivard, 03/20/2012
This is a very handy little chip programmer. I use it to reprogram 27FS512 chips for my GM 1227730 ECM. If you just need something to read/write computer chips, the Burn 2 will do fine.
[5/5]: Dale Follett, 02/19/2012
Awesome Product! Have used it several times now with the F2E and FA to read ford PCM's and for GM chips works flawlessly. Highly Highly recommended if you plan on tuning "both" sides.
[5/5]: Alfred Reese, 08/08/2011
I like the interface and simplicity. but it should be noted that 27c512 chip can be burned as 27sf512 chips
[5/5]: Tim Gould, 07/01/2010
This is by far the best tool or accessory I've ever bought in my 50 years as a car enthusiast! As a decidedly low tech kind of guy, I gotta say.......if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it! I got it on a Wednesday, hooked it up to my computer & it initialized itself! My first chip was burned in 5 or 10 minutes, right after I double checked the directions (I was apprehensive). The Burn2 and the GP1 package were all I needed & at 150 bucks (including shipping), they'll pay for themselves many times over. If anybody wants to contact me with questions, I'm "Caboboy on the CorvetteForum or 3rd Gen. Thanks Craig, and thanks for te personal followup phone call!!! Tim Gould July 1, 2010
[5/5]: William Anselmi, 04/26/2010
Just picked myself up one of these after constant good reviews from friends. By far the easiest, most user friendly EPROM programmer on the market. I plugged it into my computer and literally within minutes was burning my first couple chips! I threw my willems away after my first time with this. I HIGHLY reccomend this product to anyone. Well worth the price, and the quality is great. You guys rock Moates! Thanks again. William.
[5/5]: Doug Wright, 12/08/2009
I am a low tech 57 year old guy. The Burn 2 is so easy, I had my first chip done in minutes. The second was done in seconds. Super product !!
[5/5]: Robert Saar, 08/10/2009
the only cheaper programmer that i know of is the Willems, but it is nowhere as easy to use as the Burn2
[5/5]: Robert Saar, 07/09/2009
without a doubt, the SIMPLEST EEPROM progammer on the market, and almost the cheapest as well
Displaying 1 to 29 (of 29 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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