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'APU1' AutoProm Package: USB Version (discontinued)

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[5/5]: Alex Smith, 07/06/2022
Awesome tool to have for PROM tuning. So far I've been primarily using it just as a chip burner for my '87 Vette but I've also used the emulation feature a few times as well. Unfortunately I'm unable to get datalogging to work with Tuner Pro RT but I was eventually able to get it to work with WinALDL.
[5/5]: Marc Abrams, 02/27/2021
I ordered the Auto prom and G2 adapter on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. Everything was very well packed. The next morning I removed the ECM from the car. I did have a bit of trouble loading the buffered file to my computer however I'm not computer savvy in any stretch of the imagination and never did anything like this before. But programming the new prom was a snap! Installing the G2 adapter was pretty easy too. I had the car running again by 10:00 a.m.. I would definitely recommend this product.
[5/5]: Tim Myers, 04/16/2020
Awesome product, great support and information sources. As a novice, it took a while but I was able to get the engine I built running great.
[5/5]: John Blessin, 08/06/2019
Another excellent tool from the Moates team. I should have bought it years ago.
[3/5]: David Newberry, 07/28/2019
I am having a lot of difficulty getting it to work unfortunately. it does not recognize the data acquisition cable. I realize its probably something I need to configure, just been a little frustrating. I'm still convinced its going to be good though once it works.
[5/5]: Ramon Banda, 04/16/2018
for OBD1 this little guy does it all. I love it. well worth the money.
[5/5]: Ramon Banda, 07/14/2017
Best damn little thing I've ever bought. Im a beginner but after a few videos and tutorials I was up and running. data logging, burning, and emulating. love the free Tshirt.
[5/5]: Kevin Galea, 03/07/2017
Products work great, delivery was quick. Wish I bought it a lot sooner.
[5/5]: Mike Teets, 06/17/2016
I've had the APU1 for just over 2 years. I love what it can do, and it is part of a permanent install in my 95 Suburban 5.7. Not only can it do everything I need it do, but when I had a problem, stood behind it strong and made everything better very easily. It's not often you find a company that will provide outstanding customer support like this anymore. Thank you for a great product and great support!
[5/5]: Ray Mcpherson, 09/15/2014
Awesome. Took some learning but my 383 stroker runs great
[5/5]: Jason Riddering, 06/30/2014
This is an awesome product, I have been using it to tune my 87 Camaro and love it. Works great with TunerPro RT. I started with some simple changes like getting rid of that annoying max flow rate exceeded CEL and changing the turn on temperature for the fan. Been working my way up to more advanced changes, like running 30 lb injectors and adjusting the WOT % TPS, spark advance, and even a little fuel trim. I also really like the data logging feature and the ability to input some other data collection sensors like an accelerometer, I just wish the ECU could send data faster!
[5/5]: Michael Logue, 05/03/2014
absolutlely a great product! I had zero experience in chip changes burning etc....etc. but with this product it was so easy to do that it made me feel foolish to be so gun shy to try it!! sure glad that I bought this tool because I am now using it for a second project after completion of my first proving its versitility. Beyond the tool itself the support that go with it is clearly phenominal!!!!
[5/5]: David Callbeck, 03/11/2014
This is a great product. This is my first chip burner and my first time using any software for pre-96 gm vehicles and I have to say that this package and the tunerpro software is a great combination!! Very straight forward and easy to use. Makes datalogging and tuning very user friendly. Thanks for the great products guys!!
[5/5]: Scot Abbott, 12/23/2013
Very powerful and handy device. Using this to reprogram OEM ecu's is a better way to go than another route I used earlier (Megasquirt).
[5/5]: Leroy Reid, 04/03/2013
Love the autoprom,and have to say customer service is awesome,less than ten minutes after i ordered it i got a call making sure the things i ordered was what i needed,NEVER, EVER has that happened to me before.BIG THUMBS UP!! Got my order in yesterday afternoon, and by dark i had my first chip burned and running.(most of that time was spent installing the G2 adapter) i haven't had time to do any datalogging/tuning,but i now know how i will spend the weekend..................
[5/5]: Dimitrios Fourakis, 01/19/2013
I have problem , Please send me e-mail . But it is very good !
[5/5]: Patrick Smith, 04/08/2012
help to connect to pcm 16197427
[5/5]: Huzairy Hamdan, 06/09/2011 at malaysia...
[4/5]: Huzairy Hamdan, 06/09/2011
how much send to malaysia
[5/5]: Julius Jaca, 07/31/2007
I used it in a different PC i works great but one question though, how come it does not detect the hardware on the flash n burn software after i installed it on my laptop, it does detect the device tnx
[5/5]: Kippie Wagner, 08/22/2006
apu1 works great!!! shipping was great and problems...
[5/5]: Michael Universal, 08/03/2005
If you're on the fence about APU1 because of the money, go for it. It's an investment that's well worth it. The only thing better than the APU1 is the support that comes with it. Craig is the man when it comes to satisfaction garauntees.
[5/5]: Jon Prevost, 06/04/2005
1 cable for power and data cuts down on the clutter. It's the is all, end all to tuning a GM ecm.
[5/5]: Chad Eickhoff, 05/24/2005
Bought the APU1 and it is almost the perfect tool. The only complaint I have with it is that is should write 2732 chips too, not just read them. I know, I know, why would I want to do that since I need the 28 pin socket to use the APU1 anyway? Well, I have some friends with basically stock vehicles that I would like to help do MINOR tuning (ie torque converter lock up speed, idle, etc.) by just burning them 2732's out of the vehicle and sending them on their way without having to invest a bunch of time installing new sockets etc. (not my car right). Call me picky but that would just make this the best tool of all time for tuners. Not really even worth mentioning (since this is a review I should though) but the unit crapped out after the first week of use and wouldn't emulate. Craig, being the upstanding guy that he is, checked it out and sent me a new one 2nd day air. On a bang for the buck scale, this is the best investment I have ever made in my truck. The bottom line: If you want to tune quickly, in REAL TIME, while watching your ALDL data stream, and with the least chip burns possible all with a sleek USB unit that fits in your shirt pocket then pull a few hundred bucks out of the nudee bar fund and just buy the APU1... you'll be glad you did. If you really want to impress your friends (or save your engine) then buy an Ostrich too... once you are tuned the way you want it with the APU1, mount the Ostrich permanently and use the USB connection for quick updates to compensate for crappy fuel (Ala Pemex), towing heavy loads, those weekends in Vegas when it is 115 degrees and you are idling for an hour on the strip... or whatever. I've got a handfull of BIN's for various uses (ie running on Pemex fuel in Mexico, or towing my 15000 pound trailer or high speed playing in the desert) saved on my laptop and I can update my tune for each of my truck's various activities as quick as my laptop will boot up! Thanks Craig... and Mark too.
[5/5]: James Horne, 05/13/2005
Great products! Everything I needed to tune my car and my 2 sons cars. 2 Camaro's and a Formula. (2 LT1's and an L98) Most important is the GREAT support Craig gives his customers. You have a question, Craig will answer you ASAP! Thanks Craig!!!
[5/5]: Alan Rosemeyer, 05/12/2005
Outstanding!!! A while back I purchased the USB AutoProm pkg, G3 adapter, EX and HDR1 to use on my 93 LT1 Corvette and I'm now adding a G1 adapter to the mix for use in my 95 GMC K1500 5.7 TBI/4L60E pcm controlled truck. I can't begin to put a value on what this hardware and Mark's TunerPro software allows me to do but I'll tell you this, it's worth more than I paid for it! (by a long shot) The AutoProm, accessories and TunerPro software have worked flawlessly and it's easy to understand. On top of that, if you have any kind of problem I'd bet you won't find better customer service anywhere, period! Craig's before and after sale's support has been invaluable as well as fast and friendly! My sincere thanks to Craig, Mark and all involved in bringing this amazing collection of tuner's aids to the general public. Every time I hook up my AutoProm and burn another chip I feel like I ought to be buying a round for these guys! Cheers! and thanks again.
[5/5]: Horacio Lopez, 04/25/2005
It Works!!! Iíd suggest the following beginnerís combos: For 730 owners: APU1 AutoProm Package: USB Version EX 6-foot Rotary DIP Extension /w/ LED G3 Bank Switching Adapter HDR1 Memcal Header For 747 owners: APU1 AutoProm Package: USB Version D1 24-pin DIP socket G2 Memory Adapter S2 Aries 28-pin ZIF Socket Good luck!
[5/5]: Scott Lopez, 04/19/2005
If you want to buy only one thing, this is it. Best tuning product bar none. Does it all with the least amount of fuss. You'll be able to read about everyone elses compatibilty problems and just smile. Well worth the money.
[5/5]: Chad Carter, 04/19/2005
This has been one of the best investments I've made, the ability to burn chips in a matter of seconds and the emulation function make this the ideal for getting tuning right on. Technical support is great. Highly recommended even for those who can barely get around on the internet like me. Instructions are clear and direct and answers to questions are only an e-mial away.
[5/5]: Keenan Johnson, 04/19/2005
Without the AutoProm I would never have been able to tune my STS Rear Mount Turbo. The combination of TunerPro RT and the AutoProm just can not be beat! I even have conviced my brother he needs one too! Awsome work Craig!
[5/5]: James Mcnally, 04/19/2005
Excellent product. In conjunction with Mark Mansur's TunerProRT I have all the capability I will EVER need to tune any F-body or Corvette, or motor with compatible GM injection. This hardware is quite simply the Best and Cheapest way to: 1. Tune GM fuel injection you already own. 2. Setup and tune GM injection you retrofit to another vehicle. Hopefully a magazine (hot rod) will do a full-up article on what Craig, Mark and the forum community ( ect) have done to legitimize using the GM factory fuel injection as a cheaper (and better) way to inject YOUR motor.
[5/5]: Francis Hunter, 04/18/2005
The APU1 AutoProm Package USB version is a very complete and versatile package. I have used it in conjunction with the G1 Adapter Package and HDR1 memcal header. I have programmed and reprogrammed several chips with out problems. Rest assured if you have a problem Craig is just an email away and he does respond very quickly to help his customers. He also ships promptly.
[5/5]: Jon Arotzarena, 04/18/2005
This is the BEST thing I have ever purchased!!! I wish I would have made this my first purchase for PROM burning equipment. It doesn't get any better than this! The AutoProm saves a lot of time and makes EFI tuning a breeze. Thanks Craig and staff for a great product and excellent support!!!
Displaying 1 to 33 (of 33 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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