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'ALDU1 and CABL1'


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[5/5]: Carl Martin, 03/24/2021
this is exactly what i needed.
[5/5]: Jason Whitlatch, 02/01/2021
its awesome
[5/5]: Steve Thompson, 12/26/2017
The ALDU1 and CABL1 work very well. I am able to use the interface and software to datalog and trouble shoot my car. Thanks for the great product! Once set up process is complete it works well with my laptop.
[1/5]: George Mcqueen, 07/19/2017
Well I tried got the files loaded went by the vague how to that email support pointed me to, but i had already read that a few times. I guess the only way to get this to work on my car is to have moates remotely go into my computer and set it up. I say there should be an easier way. They should have a step by step how to, thats easy to follow or an easier program than tuner pro when i bought my cable there was like 4 or 5 programs that were supposed to work but one of those didnt even support GM vehicles anymore and non of the others worked either. i very disappointed and from the emails i got i wont waste my time calling. Maybe there stuff works better on new cars. But It doesnt work on C4 Corvettes. Now not all of this is the fault of moates Tuner pro is as much to blame as they are. But if your gona sell something say it works with tuner pro or Data Master it should work. Back to the drawing board. Maybe ill just take all the computer stuff out an go old School. Response: We have a step-by-step guide to setting up the ALDU1 which you may have missed -
[1/5]: George Mcqueen, 06/23/2017
looks good now finding a how too is another story. Finding the files to use another obstacle. ??????? Might just have to return it if i cant use it.
[5/5]: Joshua Dashnaw, 07/15/2015
Great product. I've been using it with tunerpro with no issues. It's a great tool to have. Very sturdy as well. I ran mine over and it didn't hurt it at all.
[5/5]: Donald Gerdes, 06/21/2014
This place is awesome to shop at and does exactly what its supposed to. Great people. fast shipping and great products.
[5/5]: Donald Gerdes, 04/12/2014
This thing is easy to set up and works exactly as described. For sure worth the purchase. Since have upgraded to an apu1. Highly recomended.
[5/5]: Adam Niemiec, 02/05/2014
Top notch build quality and support, very happy with cable
[5/5]: Steve Torris, 12/26/2013
Easy to use only problem was my lap top
[5/5]: Anthony T Dickerson, 11/08/2013
Excellent product. No problems. Great company to deal with. Highly recommend.
[5/5]: Jacob Davis, 05/09/2013
Very easy to use. With some help from some tech pages I was datalogging my 93 Z28 in no time. Thanks Moates!
[5/5]: Dave Smith, 02/14/2013
This device is well worth the money, Just for the ease of installation and lack of frustration alone is worth its weight. Just plug in and play. Another Excellent tool.
[2/5]: John Macneil, 01/31/2013
im always having a hard time data logging.and or conecting to my 86 trans am .send me any tips or techniecs.thank u
[5/5]: Phillip Kuhn, 04/25/2012
Compact, durable, and easy to use !
[5/5]: Dennis Lamb, 02/24/2012
So easy to plug and play! Makes me want to get into tuning more!!!
[5/5]: Dennis Lamb, 02/17/2012
Easy to use! Took longer to walk to the car than it did to plug in and start logging tons of data!!
[5/5]: Mark Edwards, 02/14/2012
After messing around with other products, this one arrived and showed me that I had wasted both time and money. I should have got this first. Excellent, works every time.
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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